Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Room With A View

Since I have this fabulous new pink toy, I thought I try my hand at capturing what I am currently seeing out my front window with the webcam. Here's the first shot:

Admittedly, it's not my best work. But I quickly discovered that it's a tricky prospect to take decent photos with a laptop. On top of that, the RVA sky is a smidge overcast. The big building in the foreground is part of the Massey Cancer Center, specifically their research facilities. Good place doing good work. The area in the background is a part of Richmond known as Church Hill. It's what people refer to as an "up-and-coming" neighborhood, meaning there are two or three restored townhomes right next door to two or three crackhouses. But it's a lovely neighborhood, at least from a distance, and at night all the lights twinkle beautifully on the hill. Right at the bottom of the hill are two elevated train tracks. The sight of a freight train lumbering by is nothing short of exciting for Little A. He's sit up in my window for his entire visit if we'd let him, just for the prospect of seeing a train.

The second shot:

This one didn't take as well as I'd hoped because you can't quite make out the rather large air horn thingy on top of the Massey Cancer Center. Because the hospital is affiliated with a college, they've had to conform to the new alert system installed post-Virginia Tech Wacko Shooter incident. What this means for me is that if some wingnut decides to go all banana bread and shoot up his chemistry lab, then I'll be front and center for the sounding of the siren. Great.

And finally, what you've all been waiting for... But I must *WARN* you, I really am in no shape to be photographed, especially with my sans cosmetic hospital face. Plus, I am attempting a smile. Bad move because whenever I open my mouth in photographs I look surprisingly like Francis the Talking Mule. But anyway, here goes-The Bald Picture!

I'm bringing the hotness, ya'll. The bald hotness. Maybe in the next picture, I'll flash my Hickman line to complete the scary sci-fi look.


TK said...

Fuck that shit. I say you're rockin' the "Ellen Ripley in Alien 3", which is nothing less than totally badass.

JamieSmitten said...

Who knew you had such a perfectly shaped noggin under the fashionable do's all these years? And seriously, are you not sporting the perfect summer style for craptasticaly humid RVA?

Anonymous said...

you look great! the skin on your head is flawless. what's your secret?


Daniel said...

one day I was heading to work when the VCU siren went off. I nearly pooped myself.

I love the baldness! Your hubby should do the same to match.

Boo said...

Dude! You can rock the bald!! I totally have to agree with TK on Ripley--

Hot. Just don't forget your sunscreen! :)

ev said...

Okay, as I've said since the first appearance of the baldness - I wish I had your head. I'm just not sure I could pull the look off.
And, you do not look bad in this picture - it may very well be one of my favorites of you!

Let's go get glamour shots while I'm pregnant and you're bald. Those would be some pictures for the scrapbooks!!!

prisco said...

In honor of you, I have decided to go bald. Ten years ago.

The trick to the Kojak look is some badass sunglasses. I'm shaped like a well-boiled baked potato, but throw on a pair of shades, and I look like I could kill up a m-fer.

Then, nobody cares if they see your smile. Because it usually means they have approximately two minutes to live.

litelysalted said...

I could totally photoshop a pink Britney wig on you now, so you wouldn't actually have to buy one!

Nicole said...

You look bitchin'. Like boo said, you are rocking the bald. Go Manda!

I remember when my aunt shaved her head during her first bout of chemo, years ago, she used to lotion up her dome and said she loved it.

Aquarian17 said...

The cue ball look rocks!!! I had it for a few years ago when I used to shave my head. Ellen Ripley eat your heart out!!!

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