Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Miss Pink, if you're nasty

Coming to you live from my brand-spanking new pinkity, pink Sony VAIO from my home away from home, North Hospital Sixth Floor. I love having all my gadgets (phone, nanoPod, now laptop) in the same color family. Plus, being AlabamaPink, I must live up to the monniker, especially in matters of personal style.

Overall I am enjoying my new tech toy. It's taking me a little bit to get used to the setup, especially what seems to be a highly sensitive mouse pad/clicker, even after some adjustments.

Nothing much to report. I have a lovely view out of my window of the city. Now that I am outfitted with a webcam, I'll have to try my hand at getting some shots of the lovely River City from my room.

The drills pretty low-key this time around. I don't spend the entire day hooked up to Cletus. My chemo comes with lower frequency. My challenge is to hang out, try to take as many walks about the hall as possible, keep from getting crazy constipated, and wait for the inevitable rashes and blood count crashes. I am also making a concerted effort to bang out at least 5-10 thank you notes a day while I am here. My lack of gratitude has been weighing over my head like a Winnie the Pooh Little Black Raincloud. You guys have been so incredibly generous with your friendship and prayers and fun gifts over the months. I would be remiss to not show my thanks in a more tangible way. Maybe I'll catch up on a few e-mails that have been lingering in the inbox for far too long.

Ah such high hopes. Instead, I'll get sucked into Law and Order and The First 48 Hours marathons, getting nothing accomplished but a slow widening of my ass.

And Prisco, I am now highly intrigued by this Hackman-Caine theory. Do tell.


litelysalted said...

Oh hell yes.

I'm a Mac girl, but you make me want to get one of those just for the hell of it.

Girl With Curious Hair said...

I just got a red Vaio! I kept telling M that I have no use for the webcam feature--but now? You've put all kinds of ideas in my head.

And you look great and smiley!

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