Monday, July 07, 2008

Tossed in the Clink Yet Again

I love the way Cancerville Clinic works. Today, I show up for a scheduled appointment with my doc only to find out that the White Coat Folks are gearing up to admit me for my first round of consolidated treatments. Did I know about this? Hells to the N-O. Fortunately, I was able to negotiate the terms of my re-incarceration into the Big House by a day.

Tomorrow, I'll be back in for a five day stretch. I'll be getting cytarabine every other day, at twelve hour intervals. Then I'll be booted out to wait as my now normal-ish blood counts get slaughtered to neutropenic levels, and I get to start from square one with recovery. The point of these consolidated treatments is keeping my Insane Stupid Zombie Leukemia Cells at bay until we can move forward with the bone marrow transplant. Last Thursday, I met with the bone marrow transplant docs. I've been gathering my thoughts regarding the information presented to me, so I've not posted on what I learned but plan to. The Mister has, and if you want to read his very thorough and informational post, hop on over to his blog.

While I am in doing my time, I may be without internet for a few days. Gasp! The horror! We finally got around to picking out my very own laptop today so as to no longer bogart my mother-in-law's. However, the new laptop won't be here for a few days. So the house will be dark for a few days as I try and entertain myself the old fashioned way-with lots of bad cable TV. Ha-cha-cha!


Nicole said...

I'm sending all of my good hoodoo, mojo and prayers at you.

Heck, girl, I've even got you in friends' prayer circles!

Need help with Little A? Promise not to lock him in a closet. ;-)

prisco said...

You can finally figure out if the Hackman-Caine theory is actually viable. Science be praised!

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