Friday, July 11, 2008

Snapshots from the Sixth Floor

So I have this one neighbor here, a Slavic gentleman, who is quite loud. His voice carries pretty well; he booms pretty well. I'm not sure why he's here, but he's convinced he shouldn't be. I hear him several times a day, telling nearly every nurse he comes across, that "I'm feeling much better today. I think I go home soon." The nurses are very patient with him. But he's still here.

Right up the hall is a dude who likes to sing. Or yodel. Or perhaps just moan.

Today I looked out of my window onto the sidewalk below and saw a woman dressed in a hospital gown, visible IV port on her hand. She was lighting up a cigarette. Now, I don't have any clue why she's here, but I can guarantee smoking isn't going to help. I really wanted to jack open my window and yell down at her, "Hey COW! Put that ciggy out or I'll vomit my leukemia all over your bleachy-blonde, white trash head!" Because she seemed like exactly the kind of moron who thinks cancer is contagious.

Oh and I got word from the bone marrow transplant that they've found eight potential matches for me. Hey ho. Now, we wait while these kind folks are tracked down for more testing and, hopefully one (or more) will be the right one for this girlie.

Finally, as we head into the weekend, more playing with mommy's webcam.

Little A and Mommy

Family Portrait

Yeah, it's our "Oh" faces.

And our monster faces.

Mommy wins this one. I look like freakin' thing that jumped out of John Hurt's chest. Sharbity shar, folks.


MelodyLane said...

Awww...You guys looks so cute. Your family is a-frickin-dorable. The Vaio does indeed rock. I have the shiny red, which matches it's bag, my phone, and my wallet. I know.

You completely rock the no-hair awesomeness. If I thought that I would look half that awesome with no hair, I would do it right now.

YAH!! for potential matches. Continue getting better.

Ranylt said...

I'm sorry, but your family hollers "charisma". Nice to "meet" your face, Manda!

Anonymous said...

You don't have to post this -
Glad that things are going so well for you. My oldest son got married last week so I am semi calm compared to what the previous months were like. I wanted to tell you I called the bone marrow people yesterday. My letter was dated the first week of June or so, and I was wondering what was going on. They said it would be mid-August before I would be contacted for more blood samples or whatever even though I am a match. It seems like a long time to wait once you have matches! Or potential matches or whatever. I have been on the list since about 1996 or something like that - I am adopted - so I thought that someone could need something who doesnt even know I exist. But great pics - hang in there - and know you have friends everywhere!

Marissa said...

Webcam does no justice to your cuteness, but the pics are great! Great news about the matches!!

sueprEdna said...

I've watched people at the hospital where my husband works leave their oxygen tank by the front door and mosey over to the "smoking shack" outside to have a cig. Sad, sad, sad. Fortunately, the hosptial is completely banning smoking this fall. Unfortunately, this will make for some very grumpy patients... and NURSES!!! They're a smoking bunch!

So glad to hear about the potential matches. I'll be praying that one of them is "the one."

Thank you for sharing the family pics. Little A gets cuter by the day!!!! And your head is beautiful!

Jeremy said...

Oh my GOD you guys are soooooo cute! You warm the cockles of my tiny, blackened, frozen heart. Also, I love your ear-rings, they look so good on you. Here's hoping one of those matches comes through!

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