Sunday, July 27, 2008

Out of the Clink

Yup, they let me out Saturday. One of the criteria for release after neutropenic fevers is a total neutrophil count of 500 or greater(Y'all remember what neutrophils are, right?). On Friday, my count was 400, and the doc was predicting I'd go home Saturday. After my blood draw Saturday morning, my total count had rocketed to 1400. Boo-ya.

Guess who's no longer neutropenic? Guess who's going to see The Dark Knight this week?

After two units of platelets, my menstruation situation turned from horrorshow into a slow and gentle stream. Now if said stream would just dry up; apparently this is shaping up to becoming the longest and bloodiest battle ever waged in my womb (Aside from Little A's entrance into the world). All it took to rectify this situation was minor hysterics on the part of a great nurse and one slightly terrified intern being lectured by a slightly furious bald woman.

My sore throat is slowly abating. My voice is back to normal, but eating certain foods still exacerbates it. The sinus thing seems only to bug me in the morning.

Back to clinic visits and days with Little A and the dread of more chemo looming over my near future. Thanks for sticking with me.


mswas said...

So glad you are out of the clink! Just checked after some busy days so had to page back to catch up...!

I haven't seen Dark Knight yet either, and I can't wait to finally be able to catch up with what everyone has to say about it!

Looking forward to your take on it, so be well and write!

Karen said...

Good to see you guys tonight! Tim wanted to talk to Adrian, but missed you guys after the show.

Anonymous said...

Hey we will stick with you! I check your blog for updates first thing M-F. Good to hear that your are home. It was a beautiful weekend here, hope it was in Virginia as well. ( - :

Carol in Indiana

ev said...

I hated not really getting to see you after the show and I was a little jealous of Jeff for getting to actually sit with you during it! I'm glad Little A got to come up and play onstage for a bit, too. My class ends this Thursday and then my life with be easy-breezy (I think) for at least a little while. I'm hoping to get some quality time in with you before the BMT.
I love you & I'll talk to you soon - like maybe later today while our hubbys are out together and I'm doing homework that I'm dreading!

Aquarian17 said...

Glad to see you are out of the clink and back home doing mommy things. You are going to L-O-V-E The Dark Knight. And I am not saying this as a Batman fanatic either.

Mr. Controversy said...

Glad to hear you're doing well, Ms. Pink! The Batman will cure all of your ails.

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