Thursday, July 24, 2008

Back in the Slammer

First, thanks to all my fabulous peeps for your comments of encouragement. It's nice to be surrounded by so much love and support; it buoys me along on this harsh sea.

Anyway, Wednesday at Cancerville Clinic, the white coat folks discovered I'd violated my parole. I was had a fever of 101, what we like to refer to here in Cancerville as a neutropenic fever. My butt has been tossed back onto the Sixth Floor to endure the usual drill of tests to figure out if I have an infection. So far I haven't heard any results from the tests, but after spiking up around 102 and then breaking sometime early this morning, my temps remained fairly normal.

Yet, as with most of my trips to the Big House, my health problems seem to magnify. What started out on Monday as a scratchy throat and a sinus headache has developed into a full-blown mess of pain. My throat is so raw and scratchy that I can hardly speak above a whisper and my sinus pain has transformed into an intense earache. And the pain medication they are giving me only takes the edge off of my discomfort.

To top it off (and in the fine tradition of my new LeukemiaTown oversharing), I have been hit with an apocalyptic menstruation. Never before have I witness this much blood leaving my body and it scares the bejeebers out of me, and the docs (who coincidentally are mostly male) don't seem to be much concerned about this. Here I am getting blood transfusions, all the while blood is beating a hasty path out the fire exit. Seems like a bit of a waste, no? If this flood doesn't taper off soon, I'm looking at sleeping in an adult diaper to avoid wallering in a blood-soaking bed.

Good times. I'm taking a nap.


Kim said...

Good to see you today, despite the icky conditions and your obvious pain every time you spoke. Hope this passes quickly and that there's an answer to the bleeding issues. Men. Sheesh.

Jeremy said...

Sorry to hear about your super-period. Or superiod if you will. As if Leukemia doesn't suck quite enough, even your fun stuff is becoming less fun. Anyways, you'll tough it out. You always do.

JamieSmitten said...

Bloody hell! (Honestly, that was my first reaction upon reading your post.) Hang tough and I'll call you tomorrow.

Marissa said...

Girl, you need to request a female doctor stat, or at least a GYN to give you an opinion. This is why all my docs are women (sorry, guys).

Captain Steve said...

Ugh, my condolences on the uber-period. I don't like the normal ones. Also, on your trip back to the Joint.

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