Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Warriors! Come out and plaaaaaaaaaay!

I love swanky baby and kids' catalogs. The pages are filled with exorbitantly priced clothing, toys, and ephemera that every McMansion Mommy will want to have for her precious little Madison or Jacob. Sure enough, some of the clothes are pretty freaking cool, and we have been known to splurge on a few things for Little A from BabyGap or Janie & Jack. But there's no way in clear blue hell I am buying my kid a $94 pirate costume when we could throw the same thing together for free out of Mom and Dad's old Halloween digs.

Which brings me to Chasing Fireflies, one of the aforementioned swanky purveyor of children's goods. Flipping through one of their catalogs, I spied this awesome t-shirt.

It's the freaking Warriors, people! Holy smokes, how bad do I want this for Little A? Were it not for the fact that it retails at $44, he'd be wearing it right now.

Now, if you don't run with the Warriors, you can give a shout to your homies, the Brooklyn Furies.
Or the Delancy Hi-Hats.

For the uninitiated, The Warriors is a great Seventies cult flick about gang wars between various rather interestingly costumed fictional gangs in New York. It's all kind of awesome in a 3 a.m. on HBO kind of way.

Now, I'm not entirely unsure after reading the product description of the t-shirt that the Chasing Fireflies folks are totally ignorant of their merchandise's source material. But those McMansion Mommies? Can they dig it?


Aquarian17 said...

LOL!!! That was one of my favorites from the 70's. I remember sitting up around midnight watching this movie. My favorite were the Furies with their baseball uniforms and bats. And the lady DJ giving updates (Lynne Thigpen) played on Bear in the Big Blue House and Where in the World is Carmen Santiago?
Warriors come out to plaaaaayyaayyy!!!

JamieSmitten said...

I was totally hot for Swan. That movie rocked!

Anonymous said...

Forget $44 per tshirt! You can get printer compatible iron on transfers at WalMart. Just find an image you like, copy it (ignoring vast numbers of varied infringement laws), print it, and iron it on!

John said...

I thought they missed the boat on The Warriors tie-in until I read the Furies blurb. "Face paint optional" gave me hope they knew what they had

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