Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Waiting Game

Remember the scene in Beetlejuice in Juno's waiting room?  Where the dead people wait for an eternity?  Yeah, that's me.  Instead of waiting to see a lady who exhales smoke through the slit in her throat, I am waiting for my white blood cells to increase.  By all accounts, I feel fine; no fevers for several days, my cold and cough are almost gone, and my rash is all but cleared up.  Unfortunately, my blood tells another story.  While my platelets are up to a normal level and my hemoglobin is slowly increasing, my white blood count is bobbling.  Last week, the white blood count shot up pretty quickly.  Now, the counts have plateaued and even dipped a few tenths.


However, the blast cells that had everybody all worked into a lather earlier, continue to decrease in number in my blood.  So I guess that's good.

The docs are watching my numbers like hawks, trying to decide whether or not another biopsy is necessary.  Personally, I think they are all sadists who just want to torture my poor pelvic bone.

So I need to motivate my pokey bone marrow to start cranking out the white blood cells, double-time.  My dear readers came up with some great mental images to help me envision the chemo crushing the stupid leukemia cells.  Now I need something to visualize so I can compel the creation of white blood cells.  I've been wracking my brain to come up with something good but with no avail.  Wonder why it's so easy to envision destruction but not creation?  Any ideas out there?

Tomorrow, I'm shaving my head.  My hair's thinned out pretty considerably.  I'm borderline mangy.  Plus, I'm just sick of seeing my hair everywhere: covering my pillow in the morning, inside my shirt, all over the floor.  I can sympathize with my poor shedding kitty cats.  Every time I touch or move my head, a sprinkling of hairs comes raining down.  Ick.  I am ready to be done with my hair.  I just hope my bald head isn't too weird or lumpy.

Today, I discovered the turkey salad sandwich here isn't too bad, meaning I can eat it without making a face.


Captain Steve said...

I loved that scene! I actually have bits of it memorized, sadly enough. I wish you a smooth head and good WBCs.

Ev said...

Ahh! I was hoping to get there today, but forgot I have a dentist appointment. Yipee. I will be there tomorrow, I promise.

My idea for creation is oompa loompas, if they don't freak you out. Just imagine them in your marrow creating little white blood cells in that freakish assembly line and then pushing them out of the marrow the way they roll Violet out after she blimps up.

I can't wait to see your beautiful head. Though I couldn't help but picture Alastair when you said "lumpy". Love you!!

Brandi G. Hasty said...

Have you ever been to Krispy Kreme? They have a huge window where you can watch the donuts being made. They have a huge elevator where the the dough rises, then you can see them floating in the oil frying, and then a little thing turns them all at once, and finally they go under a waterfall of glaze. So I would imagine the Krispy Kreme donut machine as making white cells.

Julie said...

You're going to rock the shaved head Manda :) Feel better an d come home soon!

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