Thursday, May 01, 2008


Yesterday evening, my doc came in to tell me that plans have changed.  The leukemia specialist with whom she consulted trusts the job Zombie Warrior has done on the Stupid Leukemic Zombie Cells and wasn't overly concerned about performing a repeat bone marrow biopsy in the very near future.  He thought that waiting a week or two and performing a biopsy in the clinic as an outpatient thing would be more effective.

So biopsy number four is off the table for the immediate future.  My pelvic bone heaved a sigh of relief with this news.

This is so typical of the way the Big House operates.   Reminds me a little of this fake folded twenty-dollar-bill I guy I know used to have.  It was attached to a fishing line.  He would lay the bill on a sidewalk and sit near by, waiting for someone to notice it.  As soon as some poor schmuck would bend down to pick up what he thought was an unexpected windfall, my friend would give the fishing line a tug and the bill would go flying.  Except in this case, I don't mind that the bill got whisked away from me.  Lord knows, I wasn't exactly awaiting another drilling into my bone with baited breath.

My doctor also gave me some hopeful news.  I am on track to go home.  As long as my counts continue to rise, there is the potential of my release from the Big House in a few days.  The goal for release is a neutrophil count of at least .500 which would get me out of the neutropenic level.  This morning my doc didn't have a count for me but yesterday I was around .121.

Folks, we have a goal towards which to focus our prayers, meditations, chants, positive thoughts, etc.




In other news, Adam Sandler was once on an episode of The Cosby Show.  He played one of Theo's buddies who go in together to rent a limo for prom.  That's about all I could get from the two minutes I watched of the show before turning it.  Adam Sandler on The Cosby Show.  Weird.

I think my rash might be getting a little better.  Just a smidge less purple-red all over my thighs.


Julie said...

500!!! :shouts to the heavens:

Good news, 'Bama, I hope you're back hope as soon as possible!

tania said...

500!!! ok! *sends positive vibes*

Zombie Warrior really kicks some ass, eh? Good news. As we used to say on this side of the pond before we got cool - chin up!


gospelaccordingtoprisco said...

Ooh! Ooh! Even weirder? Ellen DeGeneres played Connie Conehead's diving coach in Coneheads. Will wonders never cease?

Karen said...

Are you speaking of my husband because he totally does that 20 dollar bill thing, even to this day...

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