Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Strange News

Bone marrow biopsy update:  I'm up for biopsy number four.  Yup.  Apparently, the pathologist just couldn't tell whether the lurking blasts were healthy or diseased.  Couldn't tell?  Are my leukemia cells super ninjas or something.  Sheesh.

Depending on what the leukemia specialist here recommends, I may or may not have the biopsy on Friday.  Super.  

Amazingly, the doc also delivered some potentially good news.  If my counts continue to improve at the same rate they have been, I may be going home soon, possibly the same day as my biopsy.  But somehow, with this uncertainty about my chemo's success and yet another biopsy looming, I can't help but be guarded about my happiness.

Someone tell me that Dodge really isn't using an instrumental version of Weezer's "Sweater" to pimp some new vehicle.  'Cause darned if that isn't what the music sounds like.

Yesterday, I whacked off my hair in a little shortie pixie 'do.  Previously, I had sported a sorta reverse bob (Yeah, me and Posh!), and lately, me and the hair were quickly parting ways.  I figured cutting it short would ease the transition to shaving myself bald.  My hairdresser (and my neighbor and my friend) did a great job; I can style it so it looks less sparse.

The rash has spread over my entire body and in some places, gotten worse in color and appearance.   I look like some bad sci-fi monster.  The docs say the rash will probably last at least a week.  So awesome.  With my soon to be bald head, I'm going to look like the survivor of some sort of chemical accident.

Man, it just keeps getting better down here in LeukemiaTown. 


Ev said...

I'll be by with more gifts later today when I get off. See you in just a bit!

Who'sThatGirl said...

*e-hug* I know it's ot much, but it's all I got at the moment... Hope it helps ever so slightly.

Daniel said...

Sorry we haven't been by to see you this week. I've been out of town, then sick. Still coughing, in fact. Lord knowns you don't need my germs...

So, sending you our love from across the intarwebs.

Think high numbers!

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