Friday, April 25, 2008

Sorta Kinda Good News

I had this nice long post all written out Friday afternoon.  Then there was a misunderstanding apparently between WiFi and Blogger; my whole post vanished.  Frustrated, I scrapped writing until later.  The weekend was busy with visiting old friends and feeling alternately good and crappy.  Lots of napping.  And I never got around to revisiting the interwebs until now.

Here's the short news about my biopsy:  The marrow was mostly free of blast cells.  What few blast cells they did see, they were unable to identify.  These cells could either be young new cells or the few remaining Stupid Leukemic Cells that apparently managed to avoid detection by the Zombie Warrior.

Monday afternoon, more definitive information about the cells will be available.  If the cells are the old diseased ones, the prevailing assumption is that the chemo is taking a little longer to finish the job.  Another bone marrow biopsy would be in my near future (YEAH!  My pelvic bone will be swiss cheese.) to see if those cells finally get wiped out.

There we are.  

Today, I've had a new fun development here in LeukemiaTown.  My doctor switched up one of my antibiotics on Friday.  Apparently, I'm allergic to this antibiotic.  My arms, torso, and thighs are covered in a bright red rash.  My face is as red as a strawberry and feels like it's  sunburned.  There's a weird metallic taste in my mouth.

Yeah, life is good.  Whoop.  Whoop.

Finally, if anyone wants to add me to a healing ritual or prayer service, go right ahead.  I need all the help I can get.


Marissa said...

I made a ritual brisket in your honor. I hope it helps!

ev said...

Okay, so I never made it to MCV over the weekend. I've spent most of the weekend battling allergy crap and today is the first day I feel normal.
That said, I'll be down this afternoon after work. Can't wait to catch up!!

Anonymous said...

I am not a believer in a higher power to heal, but I am a believer in the human spirit like yours to win the battle. From one stranger to another, go get 'em Princess Warrior!!

San Diego is looking out...

Manny said...

Well, my healing ritual consists of blasting every brain cell into submission with near fatal amounts of alcohol, but you're welcome to it.

superEdna/A Girl Named Bob said...

I'm still praying!

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