Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Thanks to our many friends for showing up in their finest and making Prom! 2007 such a swinging good time. Perhaps I am not alone in saying I had a better time as a 32-year-old prom-goer than an 18-year-old one. Maybe it's because this time around I looked foxier and there was alcohol involved.

Either way good times, good times. Too bad the punch ran out so quickly. Who knew it would be such a big hit? Good thing The Amos' make beer runs at Cosco.

Props to my awesome husband for toiling diligently to transform our backyard into something more than just a wide expanse of weeds and junk. There should be many more informal gatherings this summer so as to not let his good work go to waste. Cocktails, anyone?

Really honestly, thanks everyone for indulging me in my silly whims. You people rock.

And below is a sample of my favorite photos from the evening:

Might I point out the stunning vintage Betsey Johnson dress your hostess is wearing. Her date's mighty fancy too.


Here's something you don't see at most high school proms-matching bottles of beer!

The Cronins-Your Prom King and Queen!

Real men wear ruffled shirts.

Funny, ha ha.

Do not fuck with the photographer. Nor her husband. For they are crazy and live in the boonies.

Richmond Community in da house!

Hovering by the candy. Lookin' shifty.

Mariah and her beau who is totally rockin' that loosened tie look.

And finally here's what I degenerated to by evening's end: flip flops and red wine. I love the hand in the corner pointing as if to say, "Gasp! Look! She's smoking!" because gosh darn it, I am smoking. First time in over two years. Oh the hell with it; it was Prom.

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