Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Look at them school buses go!

What a gross day. A grey rainy day that pours salt in the gaping wound that is the first day of school. But perhaps it's preferred to a beautiful, sunny day. Then all the kids wouldn't be staring out the windows wishing they were poolside inside of trapped in the hallowed halls of academia.

Last week was the Amos Family vacation, and we didn't go anywhere (except for a parental jaunt to KD on Saturday). Adrian had the whole week off to spend hanging out with me and Little A. His presence at home gave me something of a vacation as well since he could help with the care and feeding of Little A. It was nice to have another pair of hands and someone around to keep an eye on the munchkin so I could run some errands. Adrian had a relaxing birthday, we watched lots of movies, slept in ('til 8 !), got some much needed house stuff done, and then didn't leave the house on Friday because it was raining like a motherf*er.

This has been a typical Virginia summer. It's been hot and dry for almost two months straight. The city goes into the drought panic with threats of water restrictions. Then at the end of August, rains of Biblical proportions are unleashed upon us, dumping a summer's worth of rain in a few short days. Just keeping my fingers crossed that we don't get hit with any hurricane action.

Yesterday, mom and I had a fun if unsuccessful shopping trip. I managed to find some jeans I liked, but other than that we mostly struck out. Mom couldn't find anything she liked in her size. I found really adorable shoes just not in my size (Zappos, however, has me covered.). There was a great dress-totally out of my price range. Now that I'm "not working" my fashion budget is considerably smaller-next to non-existent. While I don't have to shop for work related clothing, I still want to have nice, reasonably stylish things to wear. No bummy sweatpants and t-shirts that scream "I'm a stay-at-home-mom" (which, by the way, I have now decided is used in a derrogatory manner by working women to somehow imply that non-working mom's are in one of the lower female castes in America). I am hoping that J Crew, American Apparel, and The Gap will fulfill my fashion needs. If not there's always Target and Old Navy.

Speaking of fashion, what the hell is up with the short pants thing? Not gauchos (which are hideous in and of themselves), but normal tailored pants whacked off at the knee. Are these not the most idiotic things? Who wears this shit and why? Just another ridiculous trend the fashion industry is trying to brainwash women into buying. Like skinny jeans which was last popular acompanied by big mall hair and a Whitesnake t-shirt. Can't women enjoy comfortable fashions that are flattering and pretty? Why do we buy into this nonsense year after year,collectively flushing millions of dollars away on silly outfits that will find their way into the back of the closet by next season? I can only imagine what good that same amount of money could do for the world-instead women across the nation are coughing it up for skinny jeans and god-awful, enormous designer handbags that look like pieces of carry-on luggage.

Women can be so totally frivolous. It's hard for me to take my own sex seriously.

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