Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Headbanger's Ball

Yesterday, Little A crossed the 7-month mark. Spectacularly, of course. He's recently discovered a new motion and like to practice it wherever he can. He bobs his head intently, banging his lower jaw into the floor, someone's shoulder, mommy's collarbone. We had a theory that perhaps the new motion was an attempt to alleviate possibly teething discomfort.

Right we were. Yesterday, a tiny sliver of white appeared on Little A's bottom gums. The morning, the sliver has lengthened into what might possibly be two little teeth pushing their way into existence.

Sigh. I sure will miss that loopy, toothless little smile. Now I will *shudder* have to worry about biting.

Whole wheat frozen waffles are a fabulous treat for a teething young 'un. But damn those things make a mess. Ick.

Go see Little Miss Sunshine. It's crazy funny. There were scenes that kept me laughing for a long time afterwards, probably to the chagrin of my fellow moviegoers. "Again with the fucking chicken!" "Sir, you are not the only person who had someone die in this hospital today!" (This will be one of those "Guess you had to be there lines that Chris H and I will bark to each other with peals of hysterical laughter.)

Project Runway tonight. Oooooh, can't wait.

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