Friday, August 18, 2006

Heute ist Freitag

As I type my lurverly new countertop is being installed by our friend Chris S. and my husband. Now the cabinets look cruddy in comparison. It’s a vicious cycle, home improvement.

I see washed up child stars.

My poor SpaceMobile is going to need a visit to the MotherShip for some repairs. She’s lost a hubcap and one of the rear brake lights is blown. Now I just have to decide if I want spend a lot of money and get brand new wheels or spend less dough by getting just a replacement hubcap. I need to make the call soon because that poor naked wheel looks sad.

Adrian and I called it: Benji won “So You Think You Can Dance” even though Travis was clearly the better dancer. I’m really going to miss that show. It was television’s version of fried Oreos: sweet and tasty with no nutritional value whatsoever.
My pick for the top three on Project Runway: Jeffery (He’s so punk rock.), Michael (He’s so obviously talented. Duh. He’s won two challenges already.), and Uli (Everything she designs is wearable and pretty in a very fun way.). Kayne is still my favorite. He totally cracked me up this week by coming out and admitting his dress looked like crap. Most of the other designers crow about how great their pieces are even when they are dooky, like Nutwad Vincent who really needs to get “auf’d” like now.

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