Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Say What?

Apparently the coffee filter did not perform correctly this morning. There was a silt of coffee grounds in the bottom of my cup that did not become apparent to me until I took one last swig of coffee. Yuck.

Little A is going through what can only be described as a "finding his voice" phase. At random times he lets out deafening shrieks and squeals. These aren't angry or fussy cries, just really loud whoops of joy or something. There is no real rhyme or reason as to when he decides to let loose the auditory explosions. At home, in the car, in church, in line at the post office, or most often when he is right up next to mommy or daddy’s ear (followed then by a valiant attempt to rip said ear clean off).

Any time the kitties come into his view, Alastair also lets out a few hearty whoops, especially over Vivianne. I am waiting for the day that the cats poop in our shoes or barf on our pillows in retaliation for bringing home this Baby Airhorn.

He gets really tickled at himself whenever he engages in one of these shriek sessions like it’s the funniest damn thing in the world that he’s got such a big darn mouth.
My theory is Little A is testing out his mutant superpowers. He’ll either begin to shatter objects with the piercing squeals like Banshee from the X-Men or he’s testing our his sonar skills and will soon sprout wings and fly about at night.

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