Friday, August 04, 2006

It's August. It's hot.

Being sweaty is just a way of life.

I feel like I am slipping into full-on Mom Mode. My kid is totally consuming my life. This afternoon I just wanted to jump on the phone to share my excitement when Alastair thoroughly enjoyed the peach puree I made for his lunch. The fact that I am all gung-ho about homemade baby food is another sign that I am slipping into the Mommy Zone.

But dammit, I did not leave the house today without my mascara.

Alastair had all the lady clerks at The Fresh Market totally enthralled with his big grin and chubby cheeks. My kid... such a charmer.

Pirates II was pretty good. A little underwhelming and not as sparkling and light with the humor. But it's a middle movie, setting up plot points for the continuation of a trilogy. The fight scenes were creative and the effects were stellar and icky, especially the work on the Kracken. When those giant suctions slid over the Black Pearl, ewwwwwww.

If you haven't seen The Squid and the Whale, do. It's a hysterical primer on how no to parent and a sensitive, dead-on examination of the effects divorce have on children.

I hear thunder. Storms brewin', Ani.

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