Monday, July 24, 2006

First Week of Freedom

While so much has happened over this last week, I don't have a ton of time to type. Alastair is napping right now, and I like to try and get as much done in those few hours when he is snoozing as possible.

So far I am enjoying being home to focus on my boy and just live life. He is really at that exciting stage where milestones seem to be reached on a daily basis. Alastair is discovering so much about himself and the world around him. He can sit on his own for longer stretches each day. His new favorite activity is rolling over onto his tummy, only he hasn't quite mastered the rolling back, so after a while on the tummy he gets pissed. We've been feeding Alastair rice cereal for a few weeks now, and Saturday on his six-month birthday, he had his first real food: bananas! He loved them, of course, being the child of semi-foodie parents.

Alastair has also discovered his genitals. Sigh. Makes for interesting diaper changes and bath times.

Thursday, Alastair worked with his mommy on his first paying job as an extra in a WIC instructional video. The lights, cameras, and swirl of people totally enthralled him. Do I have a potential movie star on my hands?

This weekend, he spent his first overnight without Mommy and Daddy. It was probably more traumatic for his parents than him. However, the fact that Adrian almost killed me in the Miata distracted me momentarily from missing my child. At least until I realized I didn't want to orphan my son at such a young age.

I liked The Lady in the Water. Not M.Night's best movie (which is probably Signs), but touching and funny nonetheless.

What the fuck is going on in Lebanon? Why do I not understand the unrelenting need amongst the people in the Middle East to fight? Is the heat and sand making them perpetually cranky?

Most days, since it pretty freaking warm and I don't like carting my kid out in the sweltering sun, I struggle not to have the TV on constantly. You see, to catch the World Cup, we revoked our semi-Amish status and got The Cable back a few months ago. Our intention was to cancel it after the World Cup ended. Then I discovered Project Runway and the Stephen King mini-series. Damn The Cable.

I do believe I hear Alastair rousing. He's probably rolled up onto his tummy and is about to get crabby.

No, I do not miss my old job.


ahamos said...

Goodness gracious...I did not almost kill you. If we had hit that wall, our forward speed would probably have only been sufficient to crunch the front bumper and turn us around a little bit.


It was exciting, though...

Warren J said...

You're a MOM!

Children of Men looked really good. I thought I posted that one, but maybe I didn't.

Clive Owen is definitely one of the best working actors!

Chris H said...

Boo to you and your semi-retirement from corporate hell. but congrats on moving on to more 'rewarding' things.


*Note to Warren*
Clive is damn good..
watch it
watch it again

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