Saturday, April 22, 2006

Today is my birthday

I am now 31. Somehow in light of recent events (e.g. the birth of Little A), my birthday seems to be less of a big deal. Also I think that once you reach your thirties, birthdays just stop being so important and more like the slow march to middle age.

As is typical in a Virginia spring, the weather was less than cooperative. Pouring rain for most of the day put a damper on plans I had to visit a big craft show at the Farmer's Market. We did manage to lunch at Cafe Guttenburg which was wonderful. For the last twenty minutes we were there, the Amelie soundtrack was playing. Lovely.

Adrian feted me with a bevy of my favorite types of gifts: books and DVD's. My biggest quandry is now which one to read/watch first.

Mom was lovely and watched our boy for a few hours while we caught a flick. Nothing like some cinematic escapism.

Little A was a trooper while his mom and dad lugged him about in the rain. Unfortunately, he is not the least be sleepy at 10:00 in the evening. This may turn out to be a looong night.

I am really looking forward to next weekend. There's the chocolate festival on Saturday and our first trip to Williamsburg since The Boy's arrival on Sunday. I'm excited to introduce Alastair to one of our home-away-from-homes

Thursday was my first day back at Corporate Hell. I hate it. Not only am I spending time away from my boy, but I am spending that time surrounded by the idiocy and drudgery of the office. Ick. I count the days until I set myself free. Literally three hours into my first day and people were already asking about projects and trying to get me involved. No down time whatsoever. Probably had a lot to do with the fact that the woman who was doing my role while I was on leave just went out to have surgery. Nice, huh? No slow transition back to work for this girl.

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