Monday, April 17, 2006

Rally 'Round the Campfire

Please, for the love of Pete, VOTE FOR ELLIOTT!!! Honestly, he's got the most talent in terms of pipes, and he's our hometown boy. That and he's just so gosh-darn humble. Ya, gotta love it. He's been in the bottom three for two weeks now and I'm getting concerned that he will be exiting shortly. Let's boot Ace or Paris and keep Elliott for just a few weeks more.

Little A crossed 12 weeks on Easter. He did it looking quite smart and getting all the attention in Church. Plus, he was generous enough not to poop on his Easter outfit. The Easter Parade on Monument was a big hit as the bumps of the cobblestones lulled him right to sleep.

Alastair's been doing a lot of growing and changing lately. Aside from a few nights of the two-hour-long screamfest, he's still sleeping through the majority of the night. His sounds are taking on some great character. Lately, he's been getting into his upper register for some fun squeals. His motor control has been improving every day. He is getting the hang of having two hands and using them together. Just today, he started bringing his toys to his mouth. Now this means everything has got to pass the choking hazard test. It's so cool to see all the new ways Alastair is learning about and interacting with his world.

The countdown has begun: Two more days and I am back at work. Gross. Then I'll begin the new many days until I quit. It'll be like the counter in Lost except unlike Locke, I won't be entering any numbers or pressing any buttons when the 108 minutes are up. Heh, heh.

Yet another countdown has also begun: four more days until my birthday. On April 22, I will be 31. This birthday does not inspire the same obsessive silliness as last year. (Funny how a new baby changes your perspective on things.) I'm just glad it falls on a Saturday. Still, if you are so inclined, once again My Birthday Wishlist.

Uh-oh. My kid's fussing. Danger, danger. Fussing after bedtime is not a good sign.


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