Sunday, April 09, 2006

Hey Look. It's April!

How can this be? It's already April 9th! I am 13 days from my birthday. Even better, I am 11 days away from returning to Corporate Hell. Man, how a three-month maternity leave can just zip by you. Already I look back at pictures from Alastair's first few days at home and marvel at how far he's come since then. He's outgrowing his bassinette and is almost fitting into 6-month clothing. We have enjoyed several nights of interrupted sleep. He's actively reaching out and grasping at his toys. The dinosaur grunts of his early weeks have evolved into vowel-heavy "words" like "Ah-Gooh-Ah" (That one seems to be his favorite.). At least once every few days, he poops out his diaper while on his mommy's lap and soils her clothes. That's a fun one.

It's amazing to me how much he is learning, while at the same time still has so far to go. How is it that humans are the dominant species when it takes so long for us to develop? I mean baby giraffes are running almost immediately out of the womb.

More on the subject of Coporate Hell: Looks like my department underwent some serious shake-ups over the last weeks. I will return to a new organizational structure and a new manager who doesn't even know me. Swell. This will make breaking free from the chains of Corporate Hell all the more easier.

Childcare search continues. We can't seem to find a caretaker that either wants to wait until May to take Little A (That whole bird in the hand stuff) or meets my high standards. Dammit my kid is totally awesome and like hell am I just going to drop him off with any old body.

I am excited about this week's Idol. While I can't say that the Queen songs will be a good choice for everyone, I love Queen and can't wait to see who picks what and how they perform. I think I might actually break down and vote to try to keep Elliott out of the bottom three.

At last week's weigh-in I was down to 160. Eight pounds in six weeks! This week, however, I have been particularly snacky and not as active. I live in fear of the scale.

V for Vendetta was pretty f-ing cool. Hugo Weaving is my new hero. Only a fabulous actor can make one feel empathetic for a mask. Adrian said that after a while he stopped noticing that it was a mask. Natalie Portman also did a wonderful job. She is one of those fortunate people who actually looks pretty darn good bald.

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