Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Oh when the saints...

This would have been the year to hit Mardi Gras in the Big Easy if you always wanted to go but hated the thought of swarms of drunk people at every turn. The pictures and videos I found of the celebration this year showed a festive yet smaller celebration. With personal glee, I noticed a number of Day-Glo Hand Grenade cups in revelers' hands. I had to smile and think of our adventure with the potent drink that necessetated eating an especially tasty order of fries in Jackson Square at late one night.

Reading all the articles about Mardi Gras and the slow recovery in NOLA, I had to wonder about some of the people we encountered on our trip there in 2004. Wonder how the great Irish waitress from Commander's Palace who recommended the expensive Tazmanian wine and then saved the label for us fared after Katrina. Or the sweet waitress at K-Paul's who had just moved to NOLA. Or our tour guide from the cemetary tour. Or the beautiful Vivi-lookalike kitty we met outside of Anne Rice's former home in the Garden District. I sincerely hope they all survived the Hurrican unscathed and are putting their lives back together. Particularly the kitty; she was wandering the neighborhood with no collar. I have to hope that someone helped her out, and she is warm and safe somewhere.

Tuesday night Adrian and I celebrated the old English customer of pancakes for dinner on Shrove Tuesday. I highly recommend the pecan pancakes at Aunt Sarah's. It also marked our first restaurant outing with Little A (which was successful-only one minor fuss).

Yesterday afternoon I hit the pavement for the first time since last summer. I didn't run outright opting instead for a run some/walk some mix. It felt a lot better than I thought it would and I didn't have any trouble maintaining my pace. But man I felt those extra pounds 'round my midsection. There still a long ways to go before I am 5K ready. Whew!

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