Monday, February 27, 2006

My boy's a weed!

Yeah, Little A is agrowin'! At the doctor's last week, he weighed in at 11 lbs and 1 oz. Man, no wonder my shoulders and arms have been so sore. He loves being at the doctor's in part because he gets to lay buck naked on the examining table and pee freely. My boy loves to be naked. Hopefully, we won't see this love of nakedness when he's three and running around bare-assed in the front lawn.

Little A's also been giving us a few stressful evening where he fusses about being swaddled, but if we don't swaddle him, he won't sleep. Such a conundrum is my child.

Operation Banish Baby Fat update: At my weigh-in this morning I am at 166 lbs. Whoot! Progress at last. Seeing results always helps with motivation. I didn't take my measurements because I figured a couple of lost pounds doesn't always translate into lost inches. That should come later.

Faced with a closet full of cute clothes I can't wear, I broke down and bought some new threads at Old Navy (I just ignored the return to my pre-Operation Skinny Bitch size.) last week. New clothes always makes a girl feel special.

Other Amos News:

Some AssHead is stealing our Sunday paper. We know that it's being lifted from our driveway because yesterday at 5:30 a.m. before feeding Little A, I saw it sitting there. A few hours later it was gone. Obviously these people don't understand that without reading through the Sunday paper, my day is not complete. I need to read it. Adrian and I have been cooking up multiple revenge scenarios, some of which involve dirty diapers and cat poop. I am still partial to catching them in the act and tearing after the f*ers while waving my pistol.

I have been sucked into both Dancing With the Stars and American Idol. Reality shows normally make me cringe. The only reality show I ever found interesting was the short-lived Fear from MTV. Maybe it's the Drama Geek coming out in me because I am drawn to the performance-based shows. I do take issue with the fact that on Wednesday, the last 1/2 hour of Idol totally conflicts with Lost. Grrrrr.

Seeing as tomorrow is Fat Tuesday (or Shrove Tuesday in England), I have been thinking a lot about NOLA. Though it will never be the same city we visited over a year ago, I still can't wait to go back.

Off to do some laundry! Don't ever think that maternity leave means women lounging around with a baby and watching daytime TV. If only I could be so lucky.

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