Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Can you believe? It's already been a month.

Today marks one whole month since Little A made his much anticipated arrival into this world. I can hardly believe it's been that long. Just this morning I was trying to recall as much of his birth as possible. I certainly don't want as little of that memory to fade One third of my maternity leave has already passed by. April will be here before I know it, and I will have to hand off the care and feeding of my little one to someone else. Yuck. I don't like to think about separating myself from him for 8 hours at a time. A few hours here and there, while being watched by my folks is one thing and just enough to give me the space I need. But turning over my child to pretty much a stranger all day makes me cringe, especially at this time in his life when he is so small and needy and vunerable.

Little A has a doctor's visit tommorrow, so I'll get to find out how much he's grown since coming into this world. He also gets a shot. Yuck. If the visit goes quickly, mommy may try and squeeze in a quick trip to Old Navy. Hee hee.

In honor of his 1-month birthday, we cracked open the playmat Jeff and Evelyn gave us at one of the baby showers. He seemed mildly interested in the things hanging above him and then fell asleep. I am sure in the months to come it will become more a source of amusement for him. Right now, he enjoys laying on his back and gazing into his brightly decorated mirror at the baby staring back at him.

Non-baby related news: Adrian and I have now joined TiVo World, still however subverting the evil Cable God. We decided that it would helpful for establishing Alastair's bedtime if we weren't glued to the television for Lost. Plus, this way I won't miss any of the Ladies Free Skate by falling asleep like I, ahem, did during the Short Program. Dammit, why do they have to make ice skating it the last thing on the Olympics coverage! Why do I have to suffer through bobsledding and speed skating and skiing? Grrrrr. NetFlix, now TiVo... but not The Cable. Man, we are one weird family.

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