Saturday, March 04, 2006

Wake Up Mom!

This morning after his 7 a.m. feeding, Little A proceeded to barf on my neck. Nice wake up call. Welcome to the joys of parenthood.

So the Oscars are tomorrow night, and I'll have to say that I am not tremendously excited. I'm more interested in Jon Stewart's (go Tribe alum!) hosting abilities than who will win. Dolly Parton is performing;how can I not be excited about that!

Plus, I am always curious to see how the format of the show gets mixed up. At least this year I won't have to suffer through Beyonce butchering... er, singing almost every single nominated song.

My indifference probably comes from the fact that I've seen maybe a third of the nominated flicks. I don't really have any strong opinions about who wins what, so here are my predictions of the major awards.

Best Picture: More than likely Brokeback. I have a feeling this movie will win a butt-load of awards while Hollywood pats itself on the back for being so progressive. That's my theory because I haven't seen the movie and have no idea if it is worthy of all the hype.

Best Actor: This one will come down to Phillip Seymour-Hoffman and Heath Ledger, and I'll be honest this one is looking too close to call. While S-H has been cleaning up in the awards circuit, Ledger might be part of the BM sweep.

Best Actress: Again a close race between Reese Witherspoon and Felicity Huffman. I'm trying to catch Transamerica tomorrow so I can properly judge this one. I was delighted to see Keira Knightly tapped for her performance in Pride and Predjudice which was magnificant in its effortlessness.

Best Supporting Actor: This category seems to always be filled with equally stunning performances and always hard to predict. My guess is George Clooney will take home the trophy kind of as a concilitory gesture since I don't think he will win for any of his other nominations. Looks like Good Night and Good Luck might get shut out of the winner's circle by either BM or Crash.

Best Supporting Actress: I'd say this one's between Amy Adams and Rachel Weisz, both very different but very passionate performances. I've heard that the dark horse in this race is Catherine Keener who was fabulous in Capote.

Best Director: Ang Lee. I don't know if BM was his greatest work, but damn, the man's one of the most prolific and versitile directors working today.

Best Screenplay: For original, I really thought Crash was well-written and honest, but if Hollywood wants this to be it's back-patting year, it will go for the labrinthine political Syriana. BM will take the adapted screenplay as part of it's big ole sweep.

Best Animated Feature: I'm pulling for Wallace and Gromit, but I think it's awesome that two stop-motion animation and a traditionally drawn film are the nominees. Take that CGI!

As for the technical awards, I'm clueless as usual. Curious to see how the show turns out, who makes the big "statements" in their speechs, and whether or not Jon Stewart can sail this big ship.

Plus, at least I won't have to stay up all night watching it. Go TiVo!

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