Thursday, March 30, 2006

Idol Chatter

So after viewing Chris' rocking performance last week of "Walk the Line", Adrian commented, "That sounds a lot like Live." Funny, at the time he didn't realize how right he really was. First there was the brouhaha over the fact that Chris never called out that the song was the version originally done by Live. Then Tuesday, Simon seemed to be in the worst grouch mood ever. After telling Chris last week that he was the only contestant that never compromised, this week he chastized him for doing the same thing every week. Curious.

Lisa Tucker finally got voted off. It was only a matter of time. Now I suspect that Ace Young is up next. When Ace was part of the final group past Hollywood, I thought for sure he would go far, especially after his killer performance of George Michael's "Father Figure". But since making it to the top 12, most of his songs are just "eh". Plus, he is still visibly nervous on stage (You can see his hands trembling sometimes.).

Good news for Our Boy Elliott-Never once has he been in the bottom three and I thought he did fabulous this week. Maybe he's the dark horse in the running.

Weigh-in this week was 162. I broke down on Sunday and bought some new clothes. I can't stand the fact that I have to keep dipping from the same tired pool of outfits. There is literally a closet brimming full of clothing that either don't fit or fit poorly. Damn that's depressing. I did however stick to my budgeted $100. Here's hoping that in a month's time I can start to fit into more of my old clothes and save my money.

Little A is just doing great. This past weekend he did great on his first long car trip, throughly enjoying the twists and turns of country roads. We actually changed a diaper in the back seat of the Mini. It was a little tight but we did it. He enjoys working out with mommy's Pilates DVD. Last night (which was probably a total fluke), he actually let us sleep through the night. I put him down to bed at around 9:25 and he didn't rouse us until close to 6 a.m. Of course by publishing that fact, I've probably jinxed us and he'll be up ever two hours tonight.

Ma and Pa Amos are officially on the hunt for care of Little A once Amanda returns to work full-time. This has been a really hard task for me to do. I have loved being able to spend the day with him, watching him change and grow. I think these past months I have been in total denial that I have to return to the fiery pits of Corporate Hell. No matter how great the sitter or center that I leave him with, it will still break my heart to know that someone else gets to enjoy him, watch him develop, and win his affections. How long will it take for him to start to forget that I'm his Mommy and just the lady who wakes him up in the morning and puts him to sleep every day? How long before he starts to connect more with his caregiver whom he sees during his waking hours than his parents?

Speaking of leaving my child with someone else, I think the Amos' are due for another movie night very soon. Will it be V for Vendetta, Thank You for Smoking or Inside Man?


ahamos said...

V for Vendetta!!!

I love our little man!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the little one! Welcome to the ranks of parenthood. I vote for working from home--that's what I've been doing for the past year since the littlest Korff was born. I found your blogs, but not your emails...drop me a line when you get a chance (my email is still -Emily

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