Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Little A Crosses the Two Month Mark

Can you believe it? Two months already! We've had a real live baby in this house for two whole months! I've only been not pregnant for two months. I go back to Corporate Hell in less than a month. Sigh.

Little A is doing fabulous. He is growing faster than I expected, already moving into the 3-6 month clothing size. He is a real charmer, smiling up a storm. He's getting stronger by the day and can hold himself upright off my shoulder for a good while. Lately he's been working hard at rolling onto his side. Bathtime is one of his favorite activities (besides looking at the baby in the mirror and contemplating his own fist). Looking at pictures from his first month, I can hardly believe it is the same baby. It's amazing how much he's changed in a few weeks.

Operation BBF is moving at it's predictably slow pace. I'm down to 163. Measurements taken last week show progress:

Thighs-22 "and 21"

So a half and inch here; an inch there. My excess girth is slowly but surely falling off. This morning I made the mistake of pulling out some of my old size 8 clothes. A lot of the dresses would fit until I tried to zip up past the bust area. I didn't even attempt to try on my pants. That would have been just too depressing. The other day I squeezed into some size 10 jeans mostly to make myself feel better. I can wear them but they are rather snug. The weather has been on the chilly side, and I haven't gotten a chance to hit the pavement for a good run. Mostly exercise indoors which isn't my favorite.

Tomorrow Little A goes for his two-month checkup where he will receive a whopping immunization shot (four different immunizations). This terrifies Momma A becuase the most common side effect of these shots is a fever. I dread having my son suffer with a fever. Pray that he's a tough little tyke and gets through the shot side effect-free.

Just finished reading In Cold Blood and I was really struck by the similarities between the murders in that novel and the recent Harvey family killings here in town. Eerie almost. To think we all look back on the past as a more innocent carefree time, but just as now there were plenty of "bad people" willing to wreak havoc on the world. Maybe it's the omnipresent media that keeps up full up on stories of horror, lending us to believe that the world is so much more horrible now than fifty years ago when in reality the crazies and the chaos have always had a firm foothold in society. People in past decades just didn't hear about it as much as they do know, fueling our modern anxiety and fearfulness.

Working on a Good Friday service for my church based on the traditional Stations of the Cross. Hopefully I can put together something appropriately worshipful and with meaning. My congregation has paid little attention to the events surrounding the Easter holidays in our services, and I've long thought this was overdue.

Of course Adrian suggested a reading of his long-lost, faux Gospel, The Book of Seder. While I find it hysterical (and sadly germaine to these seeker-friendly times), somehow I don't think the rest of the congregation would share in my appreciation of what I think is the funniest damn thing my husband has ever written.

Man, who knew taking care of a two-month-old human would be so exhausting? I gotta get to bed.

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