Wednesday, August 24, 2005

That Embarrassment of a Human Being in VA Beach

Pat Robertson is the Asshole Idiot King of Virginia. Second in command is that Turd in the Mountains, Jerry Falwell.

Why does this lunatic have a national television show? Why are his ravings given any press attention? Can't we all just ignore him and maybe he will go away?

Somewhere there is a booby hatch with his name written all over it.

I did find it funny that in the article, the writer mentioned how Jesse Jackson responded very quickly with his condemnation of Robertson's statements. 'Cause you know, Jesse Jackson's so level-headed. He never makes reactionary, inflammatory statements. He totally stays away from petty causes and divisive issues. Tee-hee.

Day Two of Maternity Pants at Work. Today's choice: Brown boot cut with a little stretch. Also, a woman I work with became the first official person to notice and comment on Le Lump. Guess I can't keep it on the QT much longer.

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