Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Crescent City

Watching the news unfold in the aftermath of Katrina, I am saddened by images that I see of my beloved New Orleans submerged and ravaged by flood waters. The destruction caused in Richmond by Gaston last year doesn't even compare. It would be as if the worst of what happened in Shockoe Bottom had spread throughout the whole town.

Selfish as it seems, I am grateful Adrian and I had the opportunity to visit last fall. I'm thankful as well that I shot so many rolls of film. Some things may never be the same.

New Orleans is a gem of a city-my favorite in the nation. The history, architechture, mystery, and funkiness make her an invaluable part of this country's cultural tapestry. My only hope is that the flooding has not too severely damaged the Vieux Carre nor the glorious cemetaries throughout the city.

Pray for the city and the population affected by the devestation. If you can, please donate to a charitable organization providing relief in the NOLA area. Better yet, next year once New Orleans has had a chance to recover, visit and spend some tourist dollars. The town sure would appreciate it, and I guarantee you won't regret it.

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