Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Lumpy Amos is...

a boy! And according to the ultrasound pix, he's definitely a boy. No mistaking his bits and bots for an arm or part of a leg.

This has generated a weird feeling for me, this concept of growing a boy. The entire experience of having this creature inside my body is weird enough. Now that I know that Lumpy is a boy, it makes everything doubly strange. This creature inside me has different parts than me. Is it only in my twisted mind that I find the concept of a woman's body growing a male somehow very odd? I mean, I know that on a chromosomal level all the formulas all already in place at fertilization for cooking up a boy child. My body has very little to do with all of that. But it just seems... I mean, for the next few months I will literally have balls! Yet another reason not to mess with Pregnant Bitch. Tee, hee.

So, maybe I think about this stuff too much. But really, chew this in your brain for a while and tell me if it's not a little odd. Plus, on the ultrasound Lumpy is literally see-through. All curled up with that spinal column visible, he looks startingly like the creature from the Alien movies. Hence I will contunue to refer to Lumpy as My Alien Vampire Baby.

Now that Adrian and I know more about who Lumpy is, we've been able to narrow down the list of possible names. Here's a few of our choices. Feel free to weigh in on your favorites. But we'll still name our kid whatever the hell we want to:

Aubrey (See Master and Commander!)
Aston (Yes, after the car.)
Atticus (Only Amanda likes this one)

And no, we are not even considering "Anakin" or "Aragorn". Please people, give us some credit.

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Evelyn said...

Laughing my ass off at Anakin and Aragorn!!!
I like Aubrey, Aston, and Atticus.
I've always like Aubrey. John was my first "boyfriend".
Aston would be really cool. At least your last name isn't Martin - then it would be too much.
To Kill A Mockingbird as been one of my favorite books since I was made to read it in middle school.
I always thought I'd name my little girl Scout. Not sure if the Mr. will go for that one, though.

Anakin...ha ha ha....ha ha ha....glad I logged onto your blog today!

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