Thursday, March 24, 2005

Netflix is my new best friend

At the urging of some friends, Adrian and I recently jumped on the Netflix bandwagon. For movie addict like myself, this service is very dangerous. The only thing potentially more addiction-enabling for me would be if someone invented a device that would automatically insert a new stick of gum in my mouth the instant I finished one.

Dude, I pick movies from the Netflix supply and prioritize them in my queue, and then I get DVD's in the mail. How sweet is that? Movies on demand. The only real work I have to do is put the DVD back in the mail with prepaid postage. Gaaaaaah. Being without The Cable, my evenings will now be filled with movies.

A former co-worker used to joke that I liked all the movies I see. Not true. I actually have pretty high standards. I tend to seek out movies I know I like, but occiasionally I get a dud (Chronicles of Riddick, bleck). I think my tastes are pretty good and slightly snobbish, though I lean towards the sci-fi/horror/fantasy genre more than your average female. Take them as they are, but I present to you Amanda's Mini Movie Reviews:

In the theatre

Million Dollar Baby: As the lights come up in the theater and the credits roll on the screen not a peep comes from the exiting audience members. Hillary Swank was luminous, and she brought humanity and sparkle to her potentially one-dimensional character. Morgan Freeman was a delight as usual. Clint just directed the hell out of this movie. It is an elegant dance, a spare but beautiful melody. Best Picture indeed. Lay your cynicism at the cinema door and allow yourself to be drawn into the beauty.

Ring 2: Don't waste your time. No way near as spooky or with any of the haunting atmosphere of the first. If you want backstory and answers to the vague plotline of The Ring, then by all means, this is the one for you. Explanations in spades.


The Forgotten: So-so. Like an extended X-Files episode without Mulder, Scully, or the Smoking Man. Julianne Moore has pretty hair.

Ringu: The original Japanese version of The Ring. Quaint, slightly hokey. My preference is with the American version. Still, when Samara/Sabo-something crawls out of the television, I get the heebies from both films.

Spiderman 2: Not as great as everyone said it was, but a fabulous comic-book film nonetheless. Mild tongue-in-cheek or wink-wink, nudge-nudge self-awareness. Great action sequences. The only serious drawback was Kirstin Dunst's soggy delivery and doped-out expression throughout the movie. She is so not a superhero's love interest.

I, Robot: Actually way better than we anticipated. I think I was expecting Will Smith mugging around a bunch of robots. Like the bastard child of Bad Boys and A.I. Not so! Script was way sharper than your average sci-fi/action flick with Akiva Goldsman sharing scripting credit. Will Smith's performance was adequately toned down. His delivery was lacking some of his typical goofiness and surprisingly deadpan at times. The concecptualization of the robots and their fluid movements was pretty creepy. Better than average popcorn flick.

There you have it; our latest viewing adventures. As long as Netflix keeps sending them, I will post reviews.

Daniel Neman better watch his job.

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Anonymous said...

You are correct in saying Ring 2 is not as great at the first, but the soundtrack kicks butt. As I watched it a few weeks ago, alone, in a dark theatre, with surround sound, I about peed myself.

Yay for it reaching over double the first in week one. Put it on the paycheck.

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