Thursday, March 24, 2005

Yet another unwanted opinion on human veggies

Yes, this topic is being butchered and overblown in the media, but I've got one last bit of vitrol to spew concerning this whole Terri Schiavo case.

The other night at the gym, CNN was talking to some monk who's been part of the groups protesting the removal of her feeding tube. He was talking about how Terri's being abused and starved to death and how the government needs to intervene.

Yeah, so what I want to know is how long he's and the like-minded individuals with him have been protesting and talking to media groups about this case. In that time, how many children around the world haved starved to death because of lack of food or died because of lack of access to simple medicene? How many children have suffered abuses without anyone to stand up for them? What about the children conscripted into the armies of civil wars? Abandoned and helpless because they lost their parents to the AIDs virus or natural disater or war or famine?

Wouldn't you think that all this time and energy and money being spent to fight over a woman who's been a vegetable for fifteen years could have been put to better use saving the life of a child somewhere? Giving them a chance at a healthy, safe future?

Terri Schiavo has no future but to lie immobile as her brain turns to liquid, being propped up by machines. Life as we recognize it ended for this woman years ago, yet her family and these "pro-life" groups still cling to some notion that she is going to be okay and should continue to be plugged into machines to keep what's left of her grey matter functioning. Meanwhile, young lives senselessly end around the world by hour, and those deaths could have been prevented with perhaps a fraction of the costs involved in what has been swirling around one vegetative American woman.

Fucking hypocrites. Right-to-life advocates, my ass. Sheesh.

In other world news, Syria is pulling out of Lebanon. Wow. Why that isn't all over the news, I don't know.

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Anonymous said...

Another rousing post. I, too, agree that the media + pro-life groups suck the life out of a single person's story instead of spreading "news" of internationl affairs that really do have a lot to do with our country, our future, and life in general. - warren

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