Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Corporate Hell Manifesto

My husband is brilliant. Displayed below is an example of said brilliance:

"I've discovered a slight flaw in the Judeo-Christian concept of Hell. Hell is not, as is popularly theorized, an eternity of burning torment and physical pain. Hell is the slow and gradual reduction of man's expectations, hopes, and dreams by constant needling and the presence of aggravating people. Simply put: Sartre was right. Hell is here; Hell is now. Hell is work, as demonstrated by the slow removal of key benefits (education reimbursement, "free" days, etc), the annoying habits of co-workers (nail-clipping, fish-grilling, not washing hands in the bathroom), and the constantly rising demands of management folks whose own responsibilities seem to diminish in an inverse proportion. Hell is 4pm meetings, and the sinking feeling that you'll never escape. Hell is the knowledge that a change of the winds could spell financial doom with "down-sizing", "smart-sizing", and general "work-force reduction".

Hell is the day-to-day, with back-stabbing, burnt popcorn, and Sunday afternoon pager alerts."

Fuck this shit. I'm getting out. I'd much rather suffer the slings and arrows of nine-year-olds than any more of this corporate pig slop in which I am forced to wallow.


ahamos said...


Yeah! Yeah! You tell 'em!

Hey, you're lucky you posted it first. It was going to be the principal substance of my entry. Now I have to go and rant about idea-appropriation. ;)

Chris H. said...

Hi!. Long time reader, 1st time commenter. Just wanna say love your blog.

So you guys have 'free days' and stuff, thats pretty cool.

If work in Richmond is Hell, work in Petersburg must be in Hell's outhouse.

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