Friday, September 05, 2008

Get up, Stand up

Because I know you're not doing anything else tonight, you will be parking your butt down in front of one of the three major networks at 8 p.m. to watch the Stand Up to Cancer telethon. It's quite a groundbreaking fundraiser, the first of its kind that isn't related to large-scale disaster relief. The real dirty warfare of fighting cancer is in research and development, and R&D takes money. The business of getting better ain't cheap. So the folks behind Stand Up to Cancer are hoping that they will inspire a lot of people to dig deep for a seriously admirable cause.

It hasn't been that long since a cancer diagnosis meant certain and swift death. Even within my own lifetime, leukemia went from a stone cold killer to a formidable enemy who could be bested. All of these strides have been made by learning, poking, prodding, and questioning this disease. And in order to turn cancer an inconvenience, the White Coats Folks need to keep up that poking and prodding.

So please watch and support with some cash if you can.

The first I heard about Stand Up to Cancer was a commercial that ran before The Dark Knight. It featured a number of celebrities, including Keanu Reeves. I'm thinking that with Keanu Reeves on my side, I'm definitely beating this. Keanu and God. The invincible team...

Oh and I'm just fine. Blood counts are dropping. Got platelets today in the Cancerville Clinic, and come Monday will probably need more blood products. I've also got a battery of tests this week to see if I'm okay for a bone marrow transplant. Let's hope I can finally dodge the neutropenic fever this week and stay out of the Big House for as long as possible.

Lucy the cat is getting better thanks to medicene. She's not as oozy as she was, but her appitite is still low because her sense of smell is all wacked out.

Off to batten down the hatches as we prepare for whatever degree of fresh hell Hanna has to toss our way.

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Daniel said...

I was out of town and missed the show.
I think I made a donation in your honor. The website didn't redirect me to paypal, so I'm not 100% sure. It'll get done one way or another.

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