Sunday, August 24, 2008

An Open Letter to Florida

Dear Florida:

We understand that recently your state has received an exceedingly large amount of rainfall. As moisture falling from the sky has become quite the rare phenomenon here in the Old Dominion, we were wondering if you'd be amenable to the notion of sharing some of your rain with us up here in the Midatlantic region.

Currently we are asking our citizens to hold off on washing their cars, watering their lawns, flushing their toilets, or running across the grass, lest the foliage ignite.

Any amount of rainfall that you would be willing to part with would be accepted with heartfelt gratitude and open but very dry and flaky arms.

Much Thanks,

Your Fellow State in the Union- Virginia


Girl With Curious Hair said...

Not to rain on your parade (sorry), but if Florida decides to share, Georgia will throw themselves in and drink it all up.

Pea said...

If Florida won't give you their excess, I'll send you rain from Toronto. We've had rain upon rain upon rain. Our water tables are up. Our lawns are swimming. Every event that I've planned or been a part of this summer has rained (my wedding, dragon-boat races, BBQs, my dad's 65th birthday party, vacations, etc.).
Please, take my rain.

Anonymous said...

North Cack could use a little too! Our new house rule is "Iffen it's yellow, let that shit mellow. Iffen it's brown, flush that shit down."

heh. I may or may not have altered that a bit to reflect my own personal style of speech.

Yes, I say 'iffen.' Shhhhh.

Aquarian17 said...

Well, it looks as if good ol' Flo-rida is about to get another heapin' helpin' of the wet stuff. Thanks to Gustav (who the hell thinks of these names) it seems as if the weather prognosticators are saying that the Sunshiny state is in for round 6 of wet weather. This is absotively not fair. My lawn looks like the Serengeti on a good day and my SUV, MINI and the wife's Accord look like dust daubers. I am about to get a divining rod, set up a rig in the backyard and start drilling for the ol' dihydrogen oxide.

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