Saturday, April 12, 2008

Day One: Unleash the Chemo Warriors!

Hanging off of my IV tree are four, count 'em, four bags of fluid.  We've got sodium bicarb to support my kidneys and another unit of blood to bolster my numbers.  Then there's Ara-C which I consider my chemo infantry (I'll be getting Ara-C for seven straight days.) and another bag of fluid that combines with the chemo.  Earlier today, I got an infusion of this tang orange fluid, Idarubicin which I think of as my special forces unit of chemo.  Over the next three days, I'll be getting a dose of my special forces.  But because they are the stronger, more concentrated chemos, the special forces will also be wrecking my body with more intensity and causing the worst of the side effects.

My big question to all my dear readers is what metaphor should I use for Amanda and Her Chemo Army versus Stupid Leukemia Cells?  Humans  versus Cylons?  Elves versus Orcs?  Aslan versus The Snow Queen?  X-Men versus the Sentinels?  Give me some good ideas, my oh-so-creative compatriots.

For those of you asking about bone marrow transplants and the like: For me a bone marrow transplant is pretty far down the road and not a definite.  Still, if you would like to donate in my effort or honor, please by all means.  Just be prepared to give your marrow for not just me, but any needy stranger struggling with a bone cancer.  

If you aren't prepared to donate marrow someday, please, please PLEASE give blood.  So far during my stay here in LeukemiaTown I've had seven blood transfusions, and there are many more in store for this girlie.  Yeah, giving blood can be a pain and unpleasant, but right now it's literally saving me.  I've had seven strangers help me without even knowing.  Transfusions aren't just helping accident victims or surgery patients, but your truly and many other people fighting leukemia. 

Donate a pint of blood in my honor, and it would be a more beautiful gift than a bouquet of the most beautiful flowers.

For all you sending comments and messages of well wishes, as well as my interweb buddies who are recounting my plight on their blogs, THANK YOU!  XOXOXOXOXOX  All the virtual outpouring of love and support frustrates this Southern gal raised to send out Thank You Notes for every good turn.  There's just too damn many of you to thank individually, but know that every blessing and good thought that you send touches my heart, boosts my spirits, and sometimes makes me a little weepy.

Today is my mom's birthday.


TK said...

Aslan versus The Snow Queen?

Originally, I read that as "Asian versus the Snow Queen", and was very confused.

Anyway. That said, I gotta go with either USS Enterprise vs. the Borg, or X-Men vs. The Brood.

Happy birthday to your mom.

LeukemiaTown sucks.

ahamos said...

Or maybe "The Trouble With Tribbles"? They look kind of like yucky blood cells, if you squint your eyes just right.

Sorry, babe: it's another Star Trek reference...

Gabrielle said...

I came here via Pajiba (where I very infrequently de-lurk under the name VampireNomad) and I just wanted to tell you that you can kick this thing's ass. Truly. You're in my thoughts (health vibes on their way) and prayers and from the comments you left on Pajiba I've got to say, you're strong enough, you're smart enough, and goddammit people like you!

I also want to side with TK and say "Enterprise vs. the Borg" has my vote. And thank you for sharing your battle. We've all known somebody who has been there and we all want to help.

Julie said...

I'm going with Willow Ufgood vs Queen Bavmorda.

Feel better Manda. That's a god damned order.

Alex the Odd said...

As a biochemist who studied the genetic basis of your current suckiness I've got to say the Borg and Tribbles are the best options. It's all about the mindless replication. Fuckers.

I wish I could give blood but I'm never allowed. I actually went to try despite my mortal fear of needles and was turned away by the British Red Cross. Tattoos = no blood donation for me.

Anonymous said...

Peacekeepers vs Scarrans or Browncoats vs the Alliance.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your mom!

(Hee. That totally sounds like a put down. Your mom.)

I'm gonna throw Rambo Gizmo vs. The Gremlins in, just for the sake of 80s B-movie camp.

And, yes, donate lots of blood people. I am type O negative, so they always be calling me, asking me to spurt.

And I's always like, "DAYUM bitch, can't a universal donor get some peace?" And they like, "Oh HELLS no, spanky; we gots you on our list every 6 weeks."

And that is exactly how all of my phone calls with the Red Cross go. Everytime. They are kinda gangsta like that. But I guess you have to be if your business is blood.

Good health vibes to you, Bama!

Seth said...

"I've had seven strangers help me without even knowing."

You realize that makes you the human version of The Real World? Without, you know, all the drinking and random hookups and idiocy. But still.

Amy said...


The Browncoats lost..

How about Humans vs. the Reavers?

The Reavers lost ;) sent me over. You have my good wishes.

Rusty said...

I promise I will get back the blood donating once I get stateside again. I keep trying to tell myself that since I'm AB+ (universal receiver) barely anyone needs my blood anyway, but I should know better.

Happy birthday to your mom, and hope you feel better.

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