Friday, March 14, 2008

Five For Friday

Five Concepts That Are Universally Accepted Amongst Women But Are Also Universally Puzzling To Men

1. Period underwear.

2. Pairs of black shoes are like Lay's Potato Chips. You just can't have one. Or five. Or twelve...

3. Yes, we may bitch about our wide asses or chubby tummies or fat thighs, but dammit there are just times when a girl has to stand in the kitchen and gorge herself stupid on Oreos/cheesecake/ice cream straight from the tub/semi-sweet chocolate chips. We are well aware that it's counterproductive, so don't give us that raised eyebrow of scorn.

4. While we might be married or attached or otherwise off the market, there are times when we just want to get all dolled up, go out for overpriced drinks with the girls, and revel in the thought that we are being ogled.

5. (Contributed by co-editor, ahamos) Late in the evening, when our significant others' brains are addled with fatigue, we feel the need to have deep, thoughtful discussions, particularly about weighty topics like the health and stability and future of our relationships.


girl with curious hair said...

Great list. All very true. What's horrible is having more than one pair of pointy, black pump--because you need work ones, evening ones, party ones and 'casual' ones. And if you see another pair on sale, you'll rescue them as well.

Ev said...

Yay! Great post! All true! Especially #1 - all girls have those, right? I ain't wearing my VS on those days!

I'm praying for you today!!! I'll call later to check in.

Anonymous said...

A-fucking-men, woman.

I mean, it's like you're inside my head.

Julie said...

Hee! Number 1 is so ridiculously true.

Kolby said...

Ack! I'm quite certain Mr. Kolby thinks I'm the only woman on the face of the earth who attempts serious conversation at 11 pm. I am SO SO glad I'm not - and I'm sending him this post as proof.

How are you feeling today?

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