Thursday, February 28, 2008

Maybe ask for directions first.

How people stumble upon my lil' half acre of the interwebs is of immense fascination to me. I know that probably half of the ten people that read my blog are friends here in the RVA and the other half are my "internet" buddies from over Pajiba way. But apparently on a pretty regular basis, my site pops up during random web searches, and the keywords that direct people here to Whoa, Camel are pretty darn interesting. Here is a sample of some of the more curious ones:

alabama literary review 2008 horror fiction
youtube whoa camel whoa
odd looks because i am smoking a pipe
how to know between female and male rolly polly
what mixes with spiknard to give nice smell
fucking women in chd
what god smells like
i am 54 years old never been kissed i am a virgin
arsty farsty camel
overly revealing wedding dresses
amanda's driving school-mini
rosita zoe cadabby hate
body like whoa story
what is the thing which comes in once a year
films camel war western

Most of these kind of sort of make sense based on what I write but are still kind of peculiar. Wonder if any of these poor hapless searchers ended up sitting a spell and reading my blatherings?

Which makes me wonder: how did you, fair readers, flip over this rock under which I blog to find me?


ahamos said...

Well, for me it was that whole "marriage" thing.

Alex the Odd said...

Pajiba for me as you know ;)

My blog seems to come up often when people search for random Pajiban's nicknames or drinking games. I have a feeling both stem from the same post...

girl with curious hair said...

Although I know it wasn't too long ago, I have no idea how I found you--but I suspect it was from Pajiba as well.

Kolby said...

I was drawn to your glory like a moth to a flame.

Ok, fine. Pajiba.

Anonymous said...

i stalked you through myspace. stalkstalkstalk

Neal said...

You pointed me here from some other nonsense site. Myspace, I believe.

Ev said...

Because you are one of my bestest buddies in the world! I got to know what you were thinking before blogging became an outlet! Yay me!

Bianca Reagan said...

I met you through Pajiba before my fiery exit. :)

amy =) said...

my husband sent me to chez's (deus ex malcontent)blog and i was reading back and some where he posted about you, then i clicked here (and have now saved you as a favorite, as well as your Mister). i think you're a great writer and i think my special affinity zombie movies hooked me with your metaphor for your fight against leukemia.

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