Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What a Difference a Year Makes: Second Birthday Edition

Here's what Little A and I were doing two years ago, at about eight-ish in the morning:

And here's Little A about a year ago at his First Birthday Bash:

(That weepy little face is partly because of his head adornment and partly because my mom (AKA Grammy) had just walked out of the room. I promise he was having a great time.)

Finally, here's Little A this past weekend at his Second Birthday Bash. He's grinning because everyone in the room is singing "Happy Birthday".:

After first thinking, "Damn, I've got a cute kid!" followed by "Damn, my hair keeps getting better!" (I wisely omitted myself from the first picture. Not pretty at all.), I can't help but marvel at how much he's changed and grown and what an awesome, albeit frustrating, little boy he is becoming.

To think, he started out as just a tiny Lumpy.

Happy Second Birthday Alastair.


girl with curious hair said...

Happy Birthday to your cute little boy! Such cheeks!

BTW, I feel self conscience about being the first to post all the time. I may have to just lurk for a while.

Ev said...

Girl, don't feel bad for being first. It just shows that you keep good grack of your online community.

Manda - Saturday was fun. Thanks for always including us in Little A's milestones. It is such a treat.
P.S. Being with you guys was my favorite part of Christmas day. Shh...don't tell Jeff!

Ev said...

"good grack" (Manda, can you fix that? It was supposed to be good track - oh, damn these drugs!)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday A indeed! I swear, he looks just like my little bro did at that age. I mean, just. like. him.

Good on you, 'bama.

TK said...

Damn, that's a cute little munchkin.

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