Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Weird Ass Holidays

It has been a strange holiday season here in Casa Amos. I'll say that this year Little A was much more aware of the goings on than he was last Christmas. Any drive after dark became a tour of the local Christmas light displays with our guide gleefully exclaiming, "Christmas over there! Christmas over there!" at every decorated yard. He can now also identify the infant in the manger as Baby Jesus and tell us that Baby Jesus' mother is "Maawee". At the sight of wrapped gifts, Little A will also inform us that it's "present time". He got a lot of great gifts, like new additions to his cast of Cars characters, a large stuffed (and ridable) horse he's named Seabiscuit, and a leather jacket.

This past week, however, has also been an exceedingly trying one. A narsty cold swept through the family right before Christmas, affecting Little and Papa A pretty badly. As a result of his sickness and the general excitement of the season, Little A decided for the first time in 23 months to stop sleeping through the night. In fact, he's decided to awaken several times throughout the night, a trend which has kick-started Momma A's long dormant insomnia. I think I was averaging about three hours of sleep per night during Christmas week. By Friday, I realized that if I didn't get a good night's sleep by the weekend I would probably start hallucinating and possibly offer my son as a sacrifice to the Sandman.

Sunday morning we were greeted with complaints from Little A about hurting ears, and so we spent a few hours in Patient First for a prescription of amoxicillin. Good times, y'all. Good times.

The same cold has also put Adrian completely on his ass with raging headaches, congestion, and a hacking cough. So Momma A's been working overtime on the nursemaid duties, all on very little sleep.

Needless to say, I felt like I was slowly losing my mind.

Last night we scrapped plans to enjoy the calamity of the ball rise in Carytown and have a low-key evening of dinner and a movie (I Am Legend which I liked more than I thought I would. Will Smith was quite captivating and some of the imagery of an abandoned New York was stirring. But the last third was weak and yes, the CGI sub-par.). We returned home with Little A tucked into bed, and I started pulling laundry out of the dryer only to discover that in my haste to juggle the needs of a demanding toddler with finishing the laundry, I had accidentally tossed my lovely sapphire blue J Crew sweater into the dryer. My wool-blend-dry-flat-no-heat-dry-clean-recommended sweater. It was ruined.

This mishap stirred up all my frustrations and resentments of the last few weeks and prompted a tirade of my misgivings about parenthood. That having a child was the biggest mistake of my life, that I have lost all my independence, my happiness comes in tiny inconsistent spurts, I feel like hired hand paid in room and board, and that in my child's eyes, I could honestly be interchanged with any female willing to feed and play with him and make sure he gets to watch his beloved Sesame Street tape.

I went to bed angry and depressed only to be awakened less than two hours later by Little A having a coughing fit that surprisingly didn't wake him up but did guarantee I'd get only a few hours sleep.

Today we opted to hang at home, watch the Rose Bowl parade and lots of football, and wrestle about the den. Adrian thinks he is on the mend, and Little A seems to be perking up. Tonight we had the traditional Southern New Year's Day meal of hoppin' john and rice along with chicken and greens. Hopefully I'll get a solid six hours of sleep tonight.

Happy New Year everyone.

Here's hoping 2008 starts off better than 2007 ended. I'm staring down the barrel of the Terrible Two's and not liking the looks of it.


JamieSmitten said...

Carytown NYE was insane -- skipping it was not a bad choice. And you, Ms. Manda, are far from replaceable in the mom category. Do whatever you have to do to get a good night's sleep and all the best wishes for a FABULOUS 2008!!

girl with curious hair said...

I'm sorry everyone at your casa is suffering some level of cold/illness. I hope you can return to your regular sleep schedule soon.

I have no children, but I offer this--you're a brave mom to stay home full time. You are putting your son ahead of yourself and giving up all kinds of things for his well being. I adore kids, but I don't know if I could do what you're doing.

That said, good luck with the Terrible Twos. Just remember, the tantrums are not personal.

Ev said...

Should I be claiming responsibility for your illnesses? The doctor swore I was not contagious, but did diagnose bronchitis on Saturday night (my own Patients First visit). Jeff felt bad on and off and totally blamed me regardless of what the doctor said.
I will say that I did my best to visit with family and friends without loving on any of them - very hard when I was visiting with you guys. I can't stand to be around Little A and not love on him.

You are an excellent mom, but also allowed to rant every so often - just never let Alastair hear you. And from my experience working in child care - the terrible twos is meant to prepare you for the threes. You are a GREAT mom, Amanda.

I love you and missed spending more time with you while I was off. I really did my best to avoid people since I wasn't sure what I had.

Manny said...

You're a great mom, Manda. Everyone goes through it, even dads. Press your hand to the screen and I will pass some of my strength through the power of Blogger. Heal this woman!

Anonymous said...

Aw, you guys. The warm fuzzies have been so great and uplifting.

Jamie: Thanks, buddy. I am trying really hard to realize I'm not replaceable. See you Saturday chicka!

girl: I think you're the first person to tell me that my choice to stay home was brave. Thanks. I needed that.

ev: You did not get Alastair nor Adrian sick. I think Little A caught whatever he had from his cousin Katherine. Every time we have a family gathering and she's there, Little A gets sick. We missed seeing you too. Little A called you the other day on his play phone.

Manny: No, you rock and you know you do! Thanks. I am feeling better already. Praise the Lord and pass the biscuits!

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