Thursday, December 27, 2007

Box it up

Yesterday, folks in the U.K. and other various Baby Britannias celebrated Boxing Day. It's a nifty tradition that follows the Christmas Day gluttony with boxing up the year's castoffs and donating them to charity. (If only it were so easy to also rid yourself of excess Christmas poundage.) I'm not quite sure why, as a former colony of Great Britain, America does not also take part in Boxing Day, except that Americans are inexorably addicted to stuff and cannot possibly think to part ways with the unused crap cluttering up their homes until they up to their eyeballs in junk and are forced onto one of those "people come in and sell your shit and clean your house and redecorate" reality shows.

Anyway, I think Boxing Day is a glorious idea, especially since I've been evaluating my son's already overflowing stash of toys in order to make room for the new Christmas additions. Especially since he's got a birthday in less than a month.

In honor of Boxing Day and hopefully to inspire everyone to clean out their closets a bit this weekend, here are some great links to assist in making a dent in your unnecessaries:

-Did Santa put a shiny new iPhone in your stocking? Yeah, I didn't think so. But chances are you've still got an ancient (as in three-years-old), clunky mobile lying around somewhere. ReCellular will help take it off your hands.

-Without my glasses or contacts, I am totally batshit blind. Odds are there are people in the world who have my same crappy eyesight but aren't privileged enough to just pop down to the nearest LensCrafters for a pair of specs. There's an old pair of my glasses that needs to be donated somewhere in my house, I know it.

-Don't throw away your old computer stuff. Jeez.

- If you don't think anyone will want your [fill in the blank], list it on Excess Access and see if there's a non-profit in your area in dire need of a [fill in the blank with aforementioned item].

-Every woman I know has a clique of bridesmaid/holiday party/cocktail dresses taunting them from the recesses of their closets. Admit it, they mock, you wore us once, maybe twice, and we will never be worn again. Let Operation Fairy Dust smack those bitches up.

-This is where my current pair of Saucony kicks are going once I get some new ones.

Now if someone can please tell me where I can drop off these crappy germs my family was so generously given over the holidays.


Kim said...

Don't forget freecycle (in Richmond, look on Yahoo groups for Richmond Freecycle). You wouldn't believe the crap people will take off your hands - linoleum remnants, broken tiles, used cells, baby stuff. If there's no charity nearby, ours stuff goes on there before it goes to goodwill.

TK said...

I'm looking for a place to donate my hangover.

Any takers? Because this sumbitch is brutal.

Ahem. Anyway, this is a great list. Thanks for the info!

girl with curious hair said...

I'm going to miss your Christmas(and after Christmas) posts. I love your ideas though.

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