Monday, January 07, 2008

The Soundtrack to the Movie in my Head

Saturday night, Casa Amos hosted its annual Twelfth Night Bash. The Twelfth Night party started out seven years ago as a gift from us to our little cadre of friends and as a time for belated present exchange. It was a way to get together for the holidays that didn't interfere with the heavy calendar load of work/church/family obligations. The first year we had a fancy dress party and in preceding years hosted a sit-down dinner party, pizza and beer, chili buffet, and very nearly disastrous fondue party. Once I even tried my hand at baking a King Cake and since I've not baked one since, you can only guess how it turned out.

But every year, in keeping with traditional Twelfth Night revelries, we sit down after the consumption of much alcohol and play a game. Scatagories turned into Scatalogicalgories under the guidance of a one P'Nut Harper. There was a couple of years where inevitably Star Wars Trivial Pursuit got hauled out for a marathon session of geekness. In '06 Shana's husband Chad brought his poker set and tried to school us in the ways of the cardsharp. Last year, the 80's Trivial Pursuit game lasted for-effing-ever and got a little heated, especially amongst some of the couples. Unfortunately, this past Saturday night the hostess got a little too much of her drink on, and on top of having too little of her sleep on, she totally forgot to open up the closet and peruse the board games. So, no games in '08. However, we did add a new element to the soirée this year that proved just as entertaining.

Something about my recent distaste for holiday uber-consumerism inspired me to add a twist to my Evite. I asked everyone to make a mix CD with any (or no) theme and bring it to the party. I put all the CDs into little boxes and handed them out as the guests left. My point in this experiment was to give everyone a way to share the music they liked plus get a some new tunes for the new year. I had no idea if our friends would get into the idea or wuss out, but fortunately our peeps were up to the challenge and actually got jazzed about their musical selections. Hopefully everyone went home that night with a disc they enjoyed (Apologies to Mr. K who got Evie's GrrrlPower mix.). The mix CD swap is looking to be a new tradition for Twelfth Night, so start eyeballing your tunes now for '09.

Ever since I can remember, I've always had a movie or book being created in my head. Rarely would I ever share my ideas except with my husband who is talented enough to hide his "Gawd woman you are crazy" expression when I babble on about what new crap I am cooking up in my noggin. The mix CD I contributed to the swap is the soundtrack (or at least part of it) to the current movie/TV series that has been running in my mind for the last year or so. I'd tell you what the movie is about but it would probably end up sounding like the worst script treatment ever. It's best I keep this shit to myself anyway. In lieu, here are the songs on the soundtrack, and you try and figure out my movie:

1. Undertow-Lush
2. Supermassive Black Hole-Muse
3. Rusty Cage-Johnny Cash
4. Catch Hell Blues-The White Stripes
5. North American Scum- LCD Soundsystem
6. Listen Up!- The Gossip
7. Brand New Key- Melanie
8. Oh My God- Mark Ronson featuring Lily Allen
9. Fast as You Can- Fiona Apple
10. Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing- Chris Isaak
11. Putting the Damage On- Tori Amos
12. Like a Song Bird That Has Fallen- Reeltime Travelers
13. Hell Above Water- Curve
14. The Perfect Girl- The Cure


Alex the Odd said...

I don't know what your movie would be about but, damn, I would watch it based on your musical choices alone.

I also have a movie or a book being created in my head at all times, usually just random fragments but I've taken to writing/doodling the latest one down. It's turned into a Tim Burtonesque nightmare. I kinda like it.

Also: The day the boadgames fail to be dragged out the The Odd household is the day we may get a guest actually returning for once.

Ev said...

I got the Soundtrack in Amanda's head and I've yet to figure the movie out - maybe a few more listens. I will tell you that my favorite song on the CD is #1 (Undertow by Lush) and has prompted me to possibly add some Lush to my collection.
I'm enjoying Amanda's soundtrack, though #13 (the movie's conclusion) makes me feel as though Amanda ends her movie with some massive shoot out. Of course, I could be totally off base.
GREAT credit music (#1 & #14).

Anonymous said...

Set in the south, a woman returns home to exact revenge on an ex-fiancee who's now trying to force her family off their land. When money wasn't working, the threats and assaults began. When they come after her sister, that's when she gets ugly. And by ugly, I'm talking shotguns and boards with nails, and guess you'll never find that boy in a quarry. It turns into a vicious bloodbath that no sherriff can hope to quell, and the town is almost torn apart. But it ends with justice. It's the third part of "Roadhouse" and "Next of Kin" only this time, Patrick Swayze is the villain. It's called "Thicker Than Blood" and will actually be dark comedy.

Am I close?

girl with curious hair said...

Like Alex, I have no idea what your movie would be, but I like the soundtrack. Even more, I like your CD exchange idea. Truly brilliant! Seriously, can you make your Christmas posts go all year?

Anonymous said...

AtO: Most of the stuff in my head is pretty goofy and more likely to end up on a cable channel. And our friends are all pretty silly about games, especially with some booze involved.

ev: Shoot out? No, but close.

prisco: Wow. Your movie is awesome in its awesomeness. Boards with nails? Hillbilly revenge. Sweet. But you're not even close. Thanks for playing!

girl: Who knew I could be so Christmasy!

Ev said...

Okay so now you'll have to fill me in so I actually can put the songs into context. I promise I won't tell anyone else.

JamieSmitten said...

Melanie? And I thought K-Shu's mix was out there.

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