Thursday, January 10, 2008

Run, Fat Girl. Run

Everyone in my blogging neighborhood has been writing about changes for the New Year. TK's quitting the smokes, Alex is being nicer to her body, Mariah's getting healthy, JamieSmitten's taking life by the reigns (and e-mailing that guy, right? Right?) and Vermillion's just being extra crabby. Generally, I don't start the year with set resolutions or anything, but I do try and get my fitness routine back on track. Seems like right around Thanksgiving, I fall off the wagon and don't generally get my fat ass back into a pair of running shorts until well after New Year's.

This year, if I can stick to my plans, is shaping up to be my busiest year for running. The races I hope to run (if that's what you call it) in:

  • Monument Ave. 10K
  • Race for the Cure 5K
  • Maymont Cross Country 5K
  • Run for Read 5K
  • aaaand being ambitious, either the Virginia Beach Half-Marathon or the new Richmond Half-Marathon.

Yesterday, it was wonderfully warm, and I decided to lace up my Sauconys and hit the road. Holy Smack. It was not a nice blood-pumping jog but some seriously sad shit. I'd go maybe a half mile before feeling like I was going to black out or my lungs would explode. So I'd stop and walk for a bit, pick up the pace, and begin to run. Again, the woozy-headed thing would creep in a few blocks later. Towards the end of my route, I could go for longer stretches, but by the time Casa Amos came into view, I thought I was going to collapse. What the hell, I thought, I'm not a smoker! I'm not asthmatic!

No, as Adrian pointed out, you're out of shape. But who knew it was this bad?

This morning I stepped on the scale. 145 lbs-about ten pounds heavier than I was at my skinniest. Disclaimer-I am 5'8" and some change. I am very aware that at 145 I am no where near being overweight. It's squarely in the middle of my healthy weight range. It's not that I want to be back at my pre-baby tiniest, and frankly, it's nice to know that after two months of no athletic activity and lots of holiday treat gorging, I can still maintain a healthy weight. But I have noticed that some of my clothes fit a little more snugly than I would like, and I'd prefer for my body to be a little less squishy. Losing a few lbs isn't my goal per se, but it would be a nice side effect of returning to a regular exercise routine.

So I bought some of those giant rubber band things today to work on toning and hope to work my way back up to a running schedule of about five days a week.

This Fat Girl best get moving or there's no way in clear blue hell I'll be ready for 13.1 miles this fall.


girl with curious hair said...

You're 5'8? Do you have a couple of vertical inches you'd like to spare to a well-rounded, petite woman in SD?

I too need to revisit my exercise routine that was set aside just as my intake grew during the holidays. My running shoes and yoga mat are begging for attention.

JamieSmitten said...

My elliptical has only been used ONCE in 2008. Glad to know I'm not the only one off to a slow-ish start. And yes, I'm going to call him. Now where did I put that card.....

Ev said...

Manda - I'm not sure you're allowed to call your self a fat girl anymore. You're skinnier than I am. I'm only a few pounds less and 8 inches shorter.

Jamie - you better call (or email) that guy. We're all waiting to see what happens. Those of us married and committed need to date vicariously through you. Just kidding - kinda.

Manda said...

girl: I covet my inches, every one. Though I do find it strange that 75% of my female friends at least six inches shorter than me. When we go out, I look like the bodyguard.

jamie: Don't you TELL me you lost it...

ev: I sure felt like a fat girl trying to run the other day. Actually, I felt like a walrus.

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