Monday, November 05, 2007

What a Difference a Year Makes: Halloween Edition


Halloween 2006

Halloween 2007

Trying to assimilate and process the concept of "Trick or Treat".

And no, he isn't dressed as an effing chicken.

Other news in the World of Little A:

Latest obsession: Bull riding. His first exposure was a couple of weekends ago at my parent's house. Yesterday afternoon, we were fortunate to catch the world championships on NBC. Every time a rider and bull went out into the ring, Little A let out an excited, "Whoa Ho!" and pointed dramatically at the television screen.

From the mouth of babes: After eating most of his dinner the other night, I asked Little A if he was full. To which he responded quite emphatically, "Full of peepee." Indeed.

Developing sense of humor: At the playground today, Little A decided to intentionally bop his head on the metal bar above the sliding board entrance. This made him giggle. When I exclaimed, "You banged your head on purpose!", he let out a more enthusiastic chuckle. Then he bopped his head on the metal bar again. Giggled. "You banged your head on purpose." Gut-busting guffaw. This exchange went on for some time, and even on the way home, he continued to crack himself up by saying, "Hit head on purpose!"


Ev said...

Okay, full blown baby-fever here. Ever since Halloween - I can't kick it this time. Not sure I can wait too much longer. I want my own damn baby.

Sorry...your kid seems to make it worse everytime I spend time with him.

JamieSmitten said...

That's no chicken -- that's Big Bird!!!!!

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