Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Snapshots of Seattle

A professional photographer I am not. I really wish I could capture landscapes and cityscapes the way they appear, but unfortunately when I try to take those types vacation pictures, they end up looking weird and lame. Therefore, I've learned to
take pictures of weird little things I see while I am visiting a city or traveling. Odd bits that capture my fancy and hopefully capture the spirit of my experiences. I
still attempt those typical vacation shots and with mixed results. I am still pretty proud of a certain nighttime shot of the Eiffel Tower I managed to get.

Submitted for your approval, here are a few of my favorite snaps of Seattle (minus the ones from the disposable camera I had to buy after the digital died on a boat tour):

This first one is your typical cityscape taken from the observation deck at my friend Susan's office building. Note the Space Needle. That's all I am going to say about that.

Exhibit A of the random crap I shoot. The name on this boat struck me. Shortly after this, my camera died.

On our journey to find Lakeview Cemetery, Susan and I stumbled upon this memorial garden for veterans of the Civil War. This dude was a sharpshooter. How awesome is that?

We sojourned to Lakeview to find this man's grave. We also found awesome graves like this one:

Looks like the Wong family has done pretty well for themselves. Holy cow.

Pocari Sweat is like a unicorn. I'd heard about it, read about it, but never seen it up close and in real life. Imagine my excitement when I spotted it on the shelves at Uwajimaya, the crazy-huge Asian market.

Susan and I took an Underground Seattle tour. This was scrawled on a wall down there.

The florists at Pike Place Market would create these phenomenal bouquets and sell them for ridiculously cheap prices. These were going for like five bucks.

The Pink Door has great Italian food, charming atmosphere, and an enthusiastically friendly waitstaff. They also have a burlesque show Saturday evenings. While this picture is a testament to my photographic shortcomings, it also is indicative of burlesque itself where the tease is everything.

This is one of my last shots of Seattle, capturing a stereotypical Seattle view of a grey, rainy sky. Which is odd because I only experienced this kind of weather for about an hour.

My apologies if the layout is all effed up on this entry. Clearly I am sofa king wetarded on blog layouts too.

Rock over London.
Rock on Seattle.


Ev said...

So I totally had to enlarge the city shot to FIND the space needle. I thought it would be the biggest thing in the city...

I'd still love to go & drink a mocha at the very first starbucks! I know, lame-o, but you know my love for the starbucks.

ahamos said...

Nice definite article usage!

Terry Robertson says he's very proud.

JamieSmitten said...

I LOVED the Underground tour. Especially those skylights in the sidewalks. Did you purchase Sweat??

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