Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I have returned

Thank you, Lady Nature, for keeping Virginia so hot and dry for me. After four days in Seattle, my body had forgotten how to sweat.

Seattle was awesome. It's a city I'd love to return to again and again. Nonetheless, I am delighted to be home with my man and my boy. Not so delighted to return to a mountain of laundry and rooms crying desperately for a vacuum.

I slipped in around 12:30 this morning from a rather uneventful flight home (except for the part where I got turned around in the Atlanta airport and had to go back through security to make my connection to Richmond). At the moment, my brain is still on West Coast time. My tummy is recovering from so many restaurant meals. I am a dehydrated, scaly husk from spending almost six hours on a plane.

In short, I am exhausted. Off I go to throw a load of laundry in the wash and take a little snooze. I'll finish unpacking tonight.

More on my trip to come.

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ahamos said...

Sorry about the lack of vacuuming, babe! I tried to stay on top of the house as much as I could.

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