Thursday, October 18, 2007

Random Ruminations

We caught a new episode of Sesame Street the other day. Tyra Banks was one of the celebrity guests, and as usual, she was terrifying. Her scariness seemed to be amplified because I was watching it with my infant son. I wanted to shield his eyes.

Anderson Cooper was also on the episode, and I'll have to say that while I do not care for his reporting, he was one of the best celebrity guests they've had on the show in a while.

Prairie Dawn has a new hair style. I hate it.

It's been ages since Momma and Daddy A went to see a movie. I'm dying to catch a flick. Any babysitters out there?

Yesterday, Little A and I made good use of our tax dollars and visited story time at the library and a local park. Little A is still telling me about how he sang songs and played with books and a bear.

ER has now been relegated to visual stimulus while I run on the elliptical machine. But I am captivated every time Stanley Tucci's on screen, even removing my Shufflelufagus earbuds to have a listen.

So Life isn't half-bad. The procedural crime part of the show seems like filler for the mystery of Charlie Crewes false imprisonment. That and I love Damian Lewis.

As sunset now comes earlier and earlier in the evening, I'm back to running in the dark. Guess it's time to find that ninja running partner.

And cross another missing friend off my list. I flipped over the right rock and found Ezra.

That's all for now. Time to bleach the sink! Yee Haw!

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Anonymous said...

i will babysit! bring the kiddo to maine after the 27th. we'll play with dirt and pine cones and let my parents and inlaws go gaga over a boy. they don't have a boy-flavor grandchild.


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