Friday, October 19, 2007

Five For Friday

Late Edition

Five Stores I Could Never Work in But Would Love to Anyway

1. Anthropologie: Whimsical and eccentric fashions, fun books, funky housewares, lovely jewelry, adorable hats. Instead of giving me a paycheck, the manager would be running a tab.

2. Betsey Johnson: See above. I'd be broke-ass but fabulous and probably whippet thin so as to fit into all her precious dresses.

3. Any book selling establishment like Borders (big box chain) or Creatures and Crooks (local independent shop): With my severe addiction to the printed word, employing me at a book store would be like hiring Lindsey Lohan to man the counter at the DEA evidence lock up. Enable me, baby.

4. Sephora: I loves me some product.

5. Jean-Jacques Bakery or any patisserie: As much as I adore baking, a few months working there and I'd looks like a gall-darned hippo. Yummy.

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Alex the Odd said...

I feel ya on this one. I personally used to sell video games for a living. I don't think I managed to break even more than a couple of times, and those were obviously slow months. I was a kick-ass salesgirl though.

Working in a book shop would be doom for me, I'd spend WAAAAY more than I earned. Although, when I start post-grad education next year I may have to look into it.

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