Monday, October 01, 2007

Good Thing It Only Comes Once a Year

I am full. Full in that bwuh kind of way. Stuffed to the gills with The Fry. The Fry as one can have only at the State Fair of Virginia. Corn dog, french fried pertaters, fried pickles, and fried Oreos. It's more Fry than I eat in a year all tossed down into my tummy in one evening. Thankfully, we only visit the State Fair once a year to gorge on fried foods, but where better to do it? It's the only place you can find fried Oreos (sooooo good and yet sooooo wrong).

This year also marked Little A's first trip to the fair. We had been talking all day today about what animals he was going to see, and the fair did not disappoint. Sheep, goats, newborn calves, chickens, horses, puppies, bunnies, ducks, geese.

But the really big excitement came with the myriad of farm equipment and tractors.

Little A posing next to Virginia's largest pumpkin. How much pie could 1138 pounds make?

To those of you who know my husband, this photograph should not come as a surprise.

I like the way the lights from the ride are captured in the background. Notice the stuffed animal my son is clutching? Yeah, some really slick carnie swindled me into playing hoops for that toy. Hope ya enjoy it kiddo. Your $15 cheapie Made in China Bow Whoa Doggie. Lesson learned: Never wander away from husband on the Midway.

Finally, here we are on the way out of the fairgrounds, stopping to listen to a bluegrass band.

Little A loved the Fair. Momma A needs to ingest a lot of antacid. Good times all around.


Alex the Odd said...

Mmmm large amounts of food at a country fair? Souns like my weekend: we went to the Great British Cheese Festival this weekend, also good times but I literally never want to see any kind of dairy product ever again.

Glad Little A enjoyed his first forays into the world of fried delecacies and only semi-rigged carnival games, he certainly looks like he enjoyed himself!

JamieSmitten said...

I'm so jealous! I was supposed to go on Saturday, but life conspired against me. When will I ever have the chance to try FRIED PEPSI again??

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