Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So Much to Say

And so little time to blog.

Here's the short list of Clan Amos updates:

Alastair has now pee-peed in the potty three nights in a row. Urination completely fascinates him. If only we could all be as enamored of our bodily functions.

His vocabulary has expanded to now include baby-sized sentences like "Momma sit," "I eat," "I fall down," and my favorite "I kick ball." which sounds remarkably like "I kick butt." He's learning to identify things as "Ah's" (The way he says his own name), including me as "Ah's Momma".

He has also entered this exciting new phase whereby instead of lying down for his nap peacefully like he has for pretty much his entire life, he shrieks and cries as if someone is ripping his arm off. Today, after an hour of this keening, he finally passed out for a brief snooze. Momma A sat in a lawn chair in the backyard drinking a Coke Zero and smoking two cigarettes until all was quiet.

There have been moments during these daily shriekfests when I ponder why it was I wanted to have a kid in the first place. I suck so bad at this whole mother thing.

This phase coincides nicely with our trip to Virginia Beach this weekend. I anticipate hours spent playing in the sand, soaking up the sun, and then later tearing my hair out as my kid goes bananas in his portable crib.

Ah, motherhood.

To update my previous post about the perils of night jogging, I learned from the many comments that my best bet was to either find a ninja for a running partner or become a ninja myself. Since none of those are happening any time soon, Adrian and I have devised a schedule that prevents me from having to run in the dark. Three days out of the week, I run about an hour after dinner while it is still light. The other three days I run on my machine or cross train. I'm still thinking the Subtle Safety Ring might make a dandy stocking stuffer.

Finally, as yet another update on a previous post, I uncovered my old high school friend Kristin on Facebook (Any one else think Facebook is utterly wacky?) and have exchanged a few messages with her. Oddly enough, she seems to have completely forgotten where I went to college. I find this strange and mildly insulting considering she visited me there on more than one occasion. I guess it's true; you never really can go back.

Wish me luck and travel blessings as Clan Amos braves yet another trip with Crazy Ass Toddler Kid.


Anonymous said...

Kids are built cute so we don't throw them out windows or smother them at naptime.

it takes a lot of cute.

you aren't a bad mom, you're an honest mom!

good luck on your trip!


JamieSmitten said...

I think it is a phase. Hopefully, he will be so worn out from vacation fun that he forgets naptime is evil!! Fingers crossed for you.

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